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Village Market

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Rabbit Feathers

Hi, I’m Mae, and I moved to Dancing Rabbit with my family in 2012. I love animals and have built a life around taking care of them as sustainably and ethically as possible. I also love reading, swimming, listening to podcasts while working outdoors, and engaging in spirited debate to further hone my intellect and wit. 

I sell cruelty-free feathers from our chickens, muscovy ducks, and turkeys. The birds are rotationally grazed and live outdoors on pasture year-round. Their wings are unclipped and they are free to realize their full bird-ness through behaviors such as foraging, dust bathing, and natural on-farm chick rearing. Our birds are allowed to reach full maturity. We manage a laying flock of hens and process the roosters for meat. I wash the feathers and sell them for jewelry and crafts!

Check out my etsy shop!

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Make an appointment with me today to finally address chronic health issues that affect your quality of life. Or treat yourself to a relaxing session that rejuvenates your energy and spirit.

Chinese medicine can be used for a wide range of health issues from back, knee, neck and shoulder pain, digestive issues, migraines, stress and tension, menstrual issues, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, menopause symptoms and much more.

Acupuncture can also support the body and mind for those wanting to quit smoking or drinking alcohol, as it resets the nervous system with each treatment, reducing cravings and anxiety from withdrawal.

My treatment space at Dancing Rabbit is a beautiful, relaxing place to improve your health. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about acupuncture or Chinese medicine.

Liz Hackney, L.Ac.
[email protected]

Amish Quilting by Hand

In 2020, when the Milkweed Mercantile was closed to the public, I used the time to explore a long-held dream. I reached out to local Amish quilters and hired several of them to hand-quilt the many vintage quilt tops I’ve accumulated over the years. Amish hand quilting has long been the standard for excellence in quilting; when I received the quilts back the results were even more beautiful than I had hoped. The stitches are tiny, beautiful and consistent. I was surprised by how open and interested these women are to extend a hand of friendship and to expand their quilting businesses. I have learned that they always have a quilt on a frame, and stitch in any “down time” to supplement household income.

We are happy to offer quilting services to quilters everywhere; we finish vintage quilt tops as well as contemporary tops. Arrangements are handled online, by phone and mail; our number one priority is your absolute delight. Please see our website for more information!

Green Caskets

It’s challenging to go against what has become the funeral industry norm of unnecessary chemicals, extra waste, and showy expenses. Traditional caskets can include hundreds of pounds of metal, chemically treated wood, and synthetic fibers.  All these artificial barriers are designed to slow down the natural process of decomposition and they will eventually end up in the soil, polluting the land around them.  

We have the ideal solution for you- it doesn’t use harmful resources, and it doesn’t waste money.

Functional and elegant in their minimalism, Pallet Wood Caskets return your loved one to the Earth with grace and respect for the cycles of nature.

Made one at a time, by hand, Pallet Wood Caskets are crafted almost entirely from recycled and natural materials.  

Mrs. Milkweed’s Jam & Pickles

Made in small batches with fresh local ingredients, our jam uses half the sugar of conventional jam for a delicious fruit taste. A few of our customers’ favorites, including Blueberry Vanilla Bean Jam and Cowboy Candy (sweet pickled jalapenos) are available until they sell out. We also create special flavors, such as Earl Grey Tea Jelly, for the holiday season.

Mrs. Milkweed’s Jam on etsy