On behalf of all of those who are yet to be born, yet to be able to vote, or whose habitats are threatened by the unchecked growth of human civilization, we thank you for actively creating with us a more beautiful and resilient human society that lives lightly on this earth.


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We wish all of you well in this strange time. Your donation is always appreciated here at Dancing Rabbit, and this year even more so. Your choice to give to us means our collective future is more certain, more secure. Your support deepens our efforts to set an example of a lifestyle that cares about the well-being of the environment and all the beings which inhabit it.

Encounters with the Rabbits – snapshots of Dancing Rabbit’s influence:

  •  I took the soil of my negative and self-destructive views, and with the help of the people of Dancing Rabbit, planted a seed of hope: hope for a better quality of life, hope for a better relationship between myself and the people I interacted with, and hope for the future of my local ecosystems. That short stay has led me to crave more, and has also led me to think about Dancing Rabbit on an almost daily basis. I miss that special corner of the world. It’s truly magical.

    Jorge Orozco-Roller

  • I first heard about DR 15 years ago, finally came to visit for the first Saturday tour of 2019 back in April, and was so intrigued and really just wanted the chance to have a more extended experience of this amazing place! The highlights for me were the sessions that shone a light on the daily lives of the residents here and how they make things workable and conducive to whatever needs they have to accomplish. I loved the hands-on opportunity to help Hassan make his sand/clay/straw concoction and the opportunity to get so gloriously muddy applying it to the wall. Although it was totally not planned, one of my favorite memories was getting trapped in a big barn during a torrential thunderstorm and hailstorm!

    Thank you for all your hard work and effort in putting this together for us to learn about your amazing home! Your community has been so great about opening itself up to complete strangers and loving and educating them!

    Sarah Jiles

  • Dancing Rabbit was like a tornado that whipped up all my life plans and tore them to shreds. I was supposed to be moving into my new house in Maine and living happily ever after. But then I discovered community. And now I crave it. I can’t get it out of my mind. I dream about it at night and daydream all waking hours. Where to even begin…

    Holding hands in silence before a group potluck dinner. Playing ultimate frisbee and getting schooled by a 12 year old. Nature walks listening to billions of birds chirping away. Invaluable workshops about how to communicate with humans (surprisingly more complex than I would have thought). Pondering the possibilities of sustainable living. Re-imagining what society could be. Are you beginning to get the picture? This was what I was so fortunate to experience for two incredible weeks at Dancing Rabbit. And I miss it. The longer I’m gone, the more I crave life as a Rabbit. It’s like Dan’s delightful farm-grown wine or Ted’s pungent goat cheese – it only grows finer with time.

    Tucker Walsh

  • “You will get an education and life experience in this program that you can not find anywhere else and the experience will be something you think about the rest of your life. You will discover aspects of being a human that we all forgot about a long time ago.”

    Ken Douglass

  • “I appreciate the many opportunities for personal growth and the ability to be vulnerable and honest in a community that is compassionate and respects real emotion. I would feel safer being a nonbinary person in a community that actually sees the humanity in everyone.”

    Katie Sumner