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We each get to choose where to put our resources, and in these choices we create the future. 

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Would you rest easier at night if you knew that our children and grandchildren would inherit a clean, healthy, beautiful earth and a future free from climate change? 

Would it ease your mind if more people were able to cooperate with nature and with each other?  

Isn’t taking action to enhance the health of the planet and quality of life for others one of the most fulfilling choices we can make?  

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Encounters with the Rabbits – snapshots of Dancing Rabbit’s influence:

“So grateful for the level of consciousness Dancing Rabbit offers to the world.”

-Jeremy Ragan, 2021

“The systems in place for communal infrastructure [at DR] are both interesting and inspiring. They reflect a dedication to common good that the wider world badly needs.” 

-Blake Stannard, 2019

What’s the most interesting or inspiring thing you learned here today?
“That sustainable living is easily possible and there are people out there that genuinely care about ecological impact.”

-Chandler Little Eagle, 2019