Economy at Dancing Rabbit

Creating and growing a village takes a lot of work!  We couldn’t do it without significant volunteer effort from members, visitors and many others. Dancing Rabbit runs on a unique blend of volunteerism, mutual support, keeping costs low, and providing ample opportunity to defray basic living expenses.

Part of Dancing Rabbit’s vision is to create a local, sustainable economy that provides for everyone’s needs. We strive to trade primarily with our neighbors at Dancing Rabbit and nearby towns, and to minimize our use of goods that must be transported long distances.

We try to minimize the environmental impact of our actions, and to contribute to a supportive, healthy working environment for everyone. The more we use goods whose materials come from nearby, the more we can gauge first-hand the effects of our lifestyles.

The Dancing Rabbit economy is very young, but we’re working hard to create a strong alternative economy. We’ve created a local currency at one point to encourage local trade, worked to create jobs at Dancing Rabbit or within biking distance, and set up cooperatives to provide inexpensive services. In our day to day lives, we try to demonstrate simple living, which allows us to thrive with a low cost of living.

We’re very excited about helping folks start more businesses to join the ones that are already here at Dancing Rabbit.