Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Vision Statement

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is a collection of passionate people experimenting our way toward an ambitious mission and vision of ecologically sustainable living. We are balancing economic and social sustainability in the context of our ecological commitments (see Ecological Covenants and Sustainability Guidelines).

As a small intentional community intent on growing to be a village of several hundred, we are an experiment in cooperative culture. We appreciate that we are people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, ages, and worldviews who come together to develop, grow, and demonstrate a collaborative, regenerative, and just society. We value and employ a diversity of personal growth, communication, cooperative decision making, and non-violent conflict resolution practices. We do these things in order to deepen interpersonal relationships, challenge the patterns and impacts of sexism, racism and other forms of unearned privilege, and strengthen the interconnected web of community. The inner sustainability* of our community depends on shared purpose, interpersonal connection, individual growth and building internal resilience through play, work, and celebration.

Economic resilience is integral to building a sustainable society. We are committed to developing and practicing systems that encourage social and economic equity. We value the benefits of engaging with the wider economic culture while also educating ourselves and exploring alternative economic models to support our local economy. Developing a strong local economy is essential to our community’s growth and stability. Our ecological covenants are a source of guidance and support as we seek to balance ecological sustainability and sustainable economics.

* Inner Sustainability Defined: Everything we do, on our own and in groups, that helps us learn more deeply about and take care of ourselves and each other, and to grow to become the people we want be.