Our Nonprofit

As our society faces ecological crisis, there is a critical need for practical, tangible examples of sustainable systems to serve as a model and inspiration for change. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is just such an example.

The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture (CSCC) is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that spreads the word about the Ecovillage’s work, as well as providing sustainability education to the wider world.

Through our Visitor Programs, articles, videos, and presentations, we are sharing the knowledge and skills of sustainable living. Everyone we reach is offered hope for a sustainable future, and tools to change their lives and bring sustainability to their own communities.

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Board of Directors

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CSCC Programs

Visitor Programs

Every year, hundreds of people get hands-on learning and an immersion in sustainable culture through our Visitor Programs. Through tours, workshops, our two-week immersion program, and an array of internships, we offer a real experience of sustainable living as well as practical tools for creating change.

Video Projects

Video is a powerful medium for education and inspiration. To date over 700,000 people have viewed our online informational and how-to videos. We are expanding our offerings with videos on natural and green building, organic food production, and all aspects of sustainable living.

Speakers Tour and Ambassador Program


People know that change is needed but struggle with what can really be done. Our Speakers Tour brings our knowledge and experience with sustainable living directly into classrooms and boardrooms around the country, with a compelling visual presentation of a sustainable future that we are creating today.

Ecological Audit

Good metrics are key to achieving our dual goals of sustainable living and culture change. Researchers from universities in the region are monitoring Dancing Rabbit’s progress on key indicators of sustainability. This provides a measure of our success so far, allows for setting achievable goals, and provides a clear and compelling statement that true sustainability is possible. Next, we will expand this research beyond our village to monitor other ecovillages and sustainability projects, deepen our analysis, and increase public awareness of our results.