Are you ready to awaken your inner goddess and journey to a new and empowered you?

Do you hunger to connect with the wisdom within you, the women around you, and the power of nature? 

Are you ready to come alive?

Are you ready to awaken your inner goddess and journey to a new and empowered you?
Do you hunger to connect with the wisdom within you, the women around you, and the power of nature? 
Are you ready to come alive?

Embrace growth, self-love, and transformation during our four-day Women’s Retreat. The path to amplifying creativity, spirituality, and passion in your life starts here!

You’ll rediscover your true nature, awaken your inner heroine, and step into your power as a vibrant wise woman. Imagine — the magic of connecting in harmony with other women who share your interests and values while expanding into your most authentic, unbridled self! 

Your heart has beckoned you to embrace your calling and the gifts within. Now is your time to listen to your inner wisdom and take the next step toward achieving what you really desire in life. 

A journey of self-discovery and reclaiming your radiance awaits! 

Join us, and begin the adventure toward the life that’s been waiting for you.

An Extraordinary Women-Only Retreat that You’ll Never Forget

Awaken to your own wellspring of living wisdom using transformational breathing exercises, somatic movement and dance therapy.

Become the self-actualized woman you’ve always known you could be– answer the call and learn the secrets of your own passion, power and purpose at this women’s spiritual retreat.

Join us in 2025 for a four-day women’s retreat at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

Revive Your Power, Passion, and Purpose at our Women’s Retreat

Come bask in the warmth of togetherness as you claim your place in the sacred sisterhood that stretches back thousands of years to the dawn of humanity. Immerse yourself in feminine energy and enhance your experience of life, and of yourself, while answering the call to become the best version of you that’s waiting to be uncovered.


Bring the REAL You to this Retreat

Rejuvenation awaits! Escape the responsibilities and worries of your ordinary life for a few days as we embark on a sacred journey towards the YOU that’s been whispering (or perhaps yelling) and longing for your attention. The person you are here to be for your loved ones, your community, and the world is eager to express its beauty, depth and radiance. Unleash it here!

Recenter and ground your body, mind and spirit by walking our nature trails; gather around the fire to share songs and stories with open-hearted women, and behold the full beauty of the Milky Way at night without light pollution. Step away from the frantic pace of modern life and slow down on Dancing Rabbit’s 280 acres of prairie and woodland. Kindred spirits will join you for this magical ride, reflecting your brilliance back to you and offering support to create the life you’ve been dreaming.

What’s Included?

  • Inspiration
  • Community
  • Nature
  • Ritual
  • Discovery
  • Space to be the REAL YOU; the woman who knows her true power, worth and potential


You’ll enjoy homemade meals prepared with as many local and organic ingredients possible, as well as a touch of love and positive energy. Experience liberation from the responsibilities of your home and work life by going back to nature and either camping on our land or staying in one of our eco-conscious buildings.

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Your Guide

Long-time Dancing Rabbit member Danielle Williams will lead you on this journey to reconnect with your truest, deepest nature. You’ll bring forth your creativity and inspiration using breathing exercises, ceremony & ritual on the land, skilled coaching, and proven techniques for integrating all parts of your being while in a sacred and supportive space. 

These practices, combined with time spent in circle with other like-minded women will be just what you need to connect to your own wellspring within — the source from which all creativity, inspiration, and success flows.

Hosted by Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Village Overlook

Connect with other women and step into your power in this gathering hosted by a radical ecovillage where we strive to support women’s empowerment and embody feminist values in our everyday lives. Come relish the joy of women supporting one another; become the exceptional woman you were born to be!

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