Visitor Payment

Visitor Program Payment

We’re looking forward to your visit!

Now is your chance to ensure your spot by submitting payment. Please submit the amount designated by our programs staff, and the additional pickup/dropoff fee if necessary. If you do not know what amount you are supposed to pay, please follow up by e-mailing

  • Airport or train pickup/dropoff fee: $60

Kids up to age 17 are free!

Duration Sliding Scale Options
Supported Basic Price Supporting
2 Weeks $497.00 $897.00 $1297.00
1 Week $397.00 $697.00 $997.00
Weekend $297.00 $497.00 $697.00

Basic: This cost covers most of the direct costs (but none of the indirect costs) related to hosting a visitor program. This rate is for those who do not honestly find themselves reflected in either of the other tier descriptions and who are not in a place to pay the “supported” or “supporting” price for the offering.

Supported: This level is for those for whom it is difficult to maintain access to basic needs, such as housing, food, healthcare, child care or are financially debilitated by debt.  If budgeting for our offerings means cutting into funds for housing, food, etc. please utilize this level!  This level is also for those who have experienced generational and systemic disadvantage in accessing resources.

Supporting: This level is for you if you have access to financial security on your own or through family, property ownership, personal savings, or can comfortably meet your basic needs through your employment. This level is for you if you can comfortably afford not to work, and can partake in activities like leisure plane travel, multiple wellness classes, or purchase many wants throughout the year. If you pay at this level, it directly supports someone who cannot otherwise afford it to attend a visitor program, by offsetting the cost for folks who do not have access to financial resources for leisure activities and who need to utilize the lowest price tier for the program.

One moment while our payment processing system loads… If the payment form doesn’t show up in about 10 seconds, please refresh the page.

“It was so inspiring, nourishing, and I learned so much. Wonderful people, and open-hearted sharing of a huge + beautiful vision.”

-Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe, 2022 visitor

See below for refund policy

Refund Policy:
Payments are refundable based on the how much notice we are given should you cancel your visit:


2 or more months notice – 90%
1 to 2 months – 75%
2 weeks to 1 month – 50%
less than 2 weeks – 25%

There are no refunds for cancellations once the program begins.