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Ready to transform your life and society for the better?

Apply for the visitor program and turn someday into today!

We require a separate application for each adult who would like to come to Dancing Rabbit. Not everyone who applies is selected. Please be descriptive enough in your answers for us to get a good sense of you, what you bring, and why you are interested in Dancing Rabbit without being overly elaborate. You will have an opportunity to schedule a follow-up interview (required for acceptance) after submitting the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note: Your responses will be shared with the community.

What excites or interests you about Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage?

Why is this visit important for you? What do you hope to gain?

What communication models and techniques are you familiar with? Please provide us with an example of a situation where you dealt with conflict in your own life.

Have you visited or lived in other intentional communities? If so, tell us about your experience.

What do intersectional feminism and consent culture mean to you? (Please do a quick google search if you are unfamiliar with the terms.) Share some examples of how you address unearned privilege in your life.

What's your education and employment background?

If you were to move to Dancing Rabbit, how do you imagine you might create income for yourself and/or meet your financial needs?

What are you already doing in your life to create a thriving, just, and sustainable world? (Community service, volunteering, donating to causes, reducing your ecological footprint, etc.)

If there was one single thing you could get out of your experience at Dancing Rabbit that would make it feel 100% worthwhile, what would that one thing be?

If you felt totally confident that you'd get everything you want out of visiting Dancing Rabbit, would you be prepared to invest $900 for a two week stay?

We offer 2 week, 1 week, and weekend options for visitors. Children/teens aged 0-17 can come along as well. If you have interest in living at DR, we strongly encourage you to stay two weeks. If you're interested in staying longer, consider our Work Exchange Program!

Are you applying to attend the 2 week, 1 week, or weekend program?

Select the dates of the program you hope to attend below:

1 week and 2 week Programs:

Weekend Programs:

In case your first choice isn't available, which other sessions could you attend?

Will you be visiting with friends, family, a partner, or kids? If yes, please tell us names and ages (of kids). (Note: all adults must fill out their own separate application)

Please tell us how you plan to get here: car, plane, train, bike?
(We can advise you on nearby airports & train stations once your spot is confirmed. We'll pick you up and drop you back off for a $60 fee.)

Rental accommodations are available for an additional cost. These range from small, basic cabins that will keep you dry to spacious rooms that are very comfortable. Would you prefer to rent accommodations (between $9-$55/night), rent a tent ($20/wk), or camp in your own tent (no additional cost)?

Do you have any of these dietary restrictions? (To select multiple values, hold down the ctrl key):

Do you have any diagnosed food allergies? If so, please tell us to what & how severe these allergies are:

Do you have any physical limitations or restrictions, or a history of mental health problems that would be helpful for us to know about? (Even things like a bad back or asthma are good for us to know about, including how we might be able to accommodate you.)

Please check the boxes below to indicate that you understand:

I will read Dancing Rabbit's COVID testing & minimization protocol when I receive it.

I am not allowed to bring my pets when attending a visitor program, but I may bring them if/when I move to Dancing Rabbit (exceptions for certain service animals).


(Note: we may send you text messages to give you updates about your visit)