Dancing Rabbit Culture

Every group, no matter its size, develops a culture based on the ideals, values, patterns and norms of the people who belong to it.

At Dancing Rabbit we are trying to create a culture based on sustainability, cooperation, openness, and support. As most of us were raised in a culture that is generally anything but sustainable, cooperative, open, and supportive, it isn’t always easy. We instinctively know a different culture should be possible, and that it will be better for us and the Earth, but we don’t always know (or agree on) how to go about making it happen.

Like other cultures, ours at Dancing Rabbit shifts with time, reflecting changes in the makeup of the group as well as shifts in the external culture surrounding us. As we’ve moved away from the radical pioneering feeling of the early years, and as eco-everything has become much more acceptable, dare we say cool, to the mainstream, so too has our internal culture become more mainstream. In many ways, however, we are still quite different from the outside world.

Elements of our culture that are perhaps most dissimilar to mainstream culture include: (hopefully this one is obvious) supporting choices to live a radically more sustainable life; communicating well; self-governance; co-operation; and appreciating—or at a minimum tolerating—each other’s differences.

Besides that we’re environmentalist-friendly and intentional in our relationships, you might be interested to learn about feminism at DR, our art scene, the spiritual lives of rabbits, our home-grown and eclectic rituals and celebrations, and how we play.