Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Still want to come and check out Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage? 

Here are the programs and workshops that are still available:

Ecovillage Experience Weekend: September 26th-29th

Join us for a weekend packed with information on living in a sustainable community. Gather information on how you too can live a light and rich life in modern day society. From natural buildings and alternative energy to low carbon gardens and communication and conflict resolution for cooperative culture there is something for everyone!

Sustainable Living Visitor Program: October 6th – 20th

For over 20 years, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage has been a thriving sustainability demonstration project in Northeast Missouri. You can experience everything from organic permaculture garden and design to natural buildings, alternative energy, inner sustainability and self governance when you come and visit. Every year we host visitor programs along with other ways to come see the village. Click below to get more information on how you can come experience an eco-conscious community firsthand.

Only spots left!