Online Women’s One Day Event


A FREE Online Event for Women
February 3, 2024

Would a little more self-love make a big difference in your life?

Do you long to stay centered amidst the chaos of everyday life? 

Are you ready to be guided by your soul?

Would a little more self-love make a big difference in your life?
Do you long to stay centered amidst the chaos of everyday life? 
Are you ready to be guided by your soul?

Embrace growth, self-love, and transformation during our free afternoon gathering for women this February. The path to waking up passion and purpose in your life starts here!

You’ll discover where you are out of balance, as well as the most important thing that needs to change for you to have a happy, fulfilling life.  Then, we’ll chart a path forward as you identify your strengths, ground in gratitude, and uncover the spark that makes the biggest difference in creating lasting change.

You know how much it costs to focus on others all the time instead of yourself. Now is the time to listen to your inner wisdom and take the next step toward not just surviving, but actually thriving.

Rejuvenate and Rediscover, without leaving your home!

Join us and claim your worthiness as we incorporate these key elements of living from self-love: 

  • Nourish your energy reserves
  • Mind your emotions
  • Respect your rhythm
  • Set boundaries and protect your space
  • Celebrate small wins and prioritize progress over perfection
  • Listen to your body

An Extraordinary Afternoon for Yourself

Awaken to your own wellspring of living wisdom and become the self-actualized woman you have always dreamed of; answer the call and learn the secrets of your own passion, power and purpose at our women’s self-love retreat. This event it totally free. It’s one of our ways of saying thank you to all the women like you who make the world a better place to be.  

Revive Your Power, Passion, and Purpose 

Come bask in the warmth of togetherness as you claim your place in the sacred sisterhood that stretches back thousands of years to the dawn of humanity. Immerse yourself in feminine energy and enhance your experience of life, and of yourself, while answering the call to become the best version of you that is already waiting to be discovered.


Bring the REAL You to this Virtual Retreat

Renewal awaits! Escape the responsibilities and worries of modern life for an afternoon. Re-center and ground your mind, body and soul. Behold the full beauty of a community of women who live in gratitude and on purpose. Kindred spirits will join you for this magical ride, reflecting your brilliance back to you and offering support to create the life of your dreams.

Your Guide

Long time Dancing Rabbit member Danielle Williams will lead you on a guided journey to listen to your soul. You’ll reconnect to the love, joy, and gratitude that is the REAL you.   

These guided reflection and visualization practices, combined with time spent in circle with other like minded women will be just what you need to connect to your own wellspring within- the source from which all creativity, inspiration, and success flows. 


Hosted by Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Connect with other women and step into your power in this virtual gathering hosted by a radical ecovillage where we strive to support women’s empowerment and embody feminist values in our everyday lives. Come relish the joy of women supporting one another;  become the exceptional woman you were born to be!

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