There’s still time!

Your help is still needed!

By supporting our work, you’ll combat environmental destruction in a very real way by sharing with the world our proven results, like how we’ve reduced consumption of unsustainable grid power and damaging daily commuting miles by an amazing 90% compared to the average American. When you give today, you offer crucial resources to some of the most revolutionary training on sustainable lifestyles available in the western world.

We need $27,000 this year to meet our fundraising goal, so we can continue slashing carbon footprints across the country.  Will you chip in today to help plant seeds of change for a brighter future?

Your action can help foster a vibrant, sustainable world. Thank you for being part of the change our world so desperately needs.

In collaboration for a better world,

Danielle Williams
Executive Director
The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture

P.S. We really need your support to meet (or exceed!) our $27,000 annual fundraising goal before the end of 2016 to continue our important work.  Click here to contribute today and help us inspire more people with world-changing education.

All donations to the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture are tax-deductible.


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