It’s Hot

Finally a break in the heat! But it was brutal for well over a week, with multiple days of three-digit heat indexes (I looked it up and yes, "indexes" is acceptable, fellow word lovers! "Indices" is also correct, but more common in academic writing...). And with no rain to speak of and none in the forecast, the gardens remain thirsty, the pond is starting to look a little low, and energies were certainly flagging at times. The pond stayed pleasant, however, which was a big plus, and it looks like the temps will be more manageable for the near future.…read more >

It Takes A Village…

This week the summery weather came back after a spell of morning sweatshirts and socks to bed. In times like these I often feel grateful that the weather is not something we get to choose. Imagine a meeting wherein the timber frame workshop participants and tomato growers, homesteaders and beer sellers, wind and solar generators alike, and folks with all different tastes and information got together to decide how hot, how sunny, how windy, and how rainy a given day should be. I'm sure we could come to a reasonable agreement, and I'm glad we don't have to. Hi, this…read more >

Chasing Cows and Drinking Schmizzle

Greetings from the heart of ragweed country! This is Ben, living the dream here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, here to fill you in with all the major happenings around these parts, not that I have a clue as to what's going on.  Here's a look at the weather: The mornings have been awful chilly, resulting in high sorghum syrup viscosity. The days have been cool and dry, ideal conditions for building a strawbale house, which some of us are doing. Each morning and evening I peer down in the bottoms as poofs of mist materialize, leaving naught but a single…read more >

Cake and Celebration

Straw bales and timber frames are a common combination at Dancing Rabbit. Here, another house goes up on Crooked Route Road. Pleasant, not-too-hot weather, greenery all around, tomato and eggplant and basil, oh my... Tereza here, enjoying the abundance of summer and offering news from my corner of Rabbit Land! I'll begin with feline happenings... I read Ted's column of last week and cannot believe he neglected to mention the newest addition to his family: Gromit the kitten! He is so cute! (The kitten, I mean. Ted's cute too but he doesn't have furry white paws and grey tabby stripes…read more >

Flowers, Farmer’s Markets and Ferments

We are living these days in the sunflower kingdom! I have probably written about this in previous years, but we are in peak sunflower flowering season just now, a hedge of 12 feet or more in an ever-increasing halo around our home and environs. We have to trim it as a hedge, too, removing leaves and side shoots to keep our paths and garden aisles open. It is a fine backdrop to the abundance now erupting out of all the gardens now we've arrived at the fat time of year. All of these sunflowers are volunteers (though plenty are still…read more >

Councils and Cabbages

"I believe this is a first for Dancing Rabbit," said Nathan, who was facilitating the meeting. "Let the voting begin!" It was my privilege to witness a momentous occasion in Dancing Rabbit history - the first official non-consensus voting process. The ecovillage has historically made its decisions through consensus, and although many decisions are now made in smaller committees, for important group decisions up to 70 people would discuss and have to come to agreement on a course of action. As the community grew, the process could get slow and clunky. Many people I spoke with felt that the the…read more >

Cultivating Tribute

It is affirming that our attempts to live a sustainable life is adequate achievement to inspire people to sell their homes, and relocate their lives to rural northeast Missouri to pursue a life with as little negative impact on the planet as possible. Otherwise, we might get lost in the day-to-day routine of simply living out our values without the reminder that what we're doing here is unique and more >