Nearby Communities

Intentional Communities in Northeast Missouri

Northeast Missouri (aka NEMO) is home to numerous intentional communities with diverse structures.  We have strong connections between the communities including a weekly potluck dinner alternately hosted at Dancing Rabbit and Sandhill. Having many communities to visit and choose from is a great boon to visitors and community seekers, so if you are considering a visit, you might want to visit all of them.

A little info on our neighboring intentional communities:

Sandhill Farm

Sandhill was the first (as far as we know) intentional community in Scotland County, settling here in 1974. Until recently, Sandhill was a family-sized income-sharing commune with a focus on food and agriculture. Their main cash crop was sweet sorghum which they turned into sorghum syrup each fall. The community recently changed the way they operate and are no longer income-sharing. There are a few families who live there, but each are in charge of their own income. The community still shares food grown together. One of the members even started a lumber mill business, Full Circle Forest Products, where he creates dimensional lumber, slabs, and custom furniture. The community welcomes visitors and have a summer internship program.

Red Earth Farms

Red Earth FarmsRed Earth Farms is a homesteading community which bought 76 acres adjacent to Dancing Rabbit in 2005. They have about a dozen homesites each with room for a house, a pond, gardens and agriculture. Being just a few minutes’ walk from the village of Dancing Rabbit means that many Red Earthers frequent our village on a daily basis. Red Earth also hosts visitors and interns.

The Possibility Alliance

The Possibility Alliance  is located 40 miles from Dancing Rabbit in La Plata, MO. Started in 2007, the Possibility Alliance is focused on sustainability, service, and activism. While they are a small community, they have catalyzed a cluster of homesteads and progressive neighbors in the La Plata area, helping expand the ring of communities in Northeast Missouri.  They do not use electricity and have no website but you can call or send them a letter if you would like to visit or intern there.

Contact Information
Phone Number: (660) 332-4094
Mailing address: The Possibility Alliance, 28408 Frontier Lane, La Plata, MO 63549