Bio – Mae


My name is Mae and I moved to Dancing Rabbit in spring of 2012 with my partner, Ben, and then 2 year old daughter Althea. Since then we have built a small strawbale home, a small farm, and an excellent subcommunity/kitchen co-op called the Critters. In February of 2016 I gave birth to our second child, Arthur, in our home, attended by the midwives Sara and Alyssa.

I love animals and have tried to arrange my life to involve a lot of animal care. At Dancing Rabbit I currently work pizza night at the Milkweed Mercantile, serve on the Cattail Commons Executive Committee, and regularly attend women’s circle. I love singing, working at something I am good at, talking politics, reading, my family, and sweets. In the winter I enjoy listening to podcasts while sorting feathers from the chickens, which I sell on Etsy. In the summer my special time of day is milking the goats in the morning.

There is so much more, but I’ve taken a stab at this “bio” four times in the past few weeks and since I’ve lived here for nearly 9 years, it is time to just accept this fragmented list of activities and favorites and move on. I guess I also want to say that I’m satisfied with my life and proud to be really striving to live in alignment with my values. It isn’t always easy but I do feel like it is the right path for me to be on.