Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Co-op

Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Co-operative

The Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Cooperative, DRVC, is the means of transportation for all Dancing Rabbit members and long-term residents. Dancing Rabbit members can have the flexibility and convenience of an automobile without having to own a private car. The DRVC, along with the few other carsharing groups operating in North America, is a model for how our culture can greatly reduce our consumption of resources devoted to automobiles without sacrificing the benefits they provide.

Currently, we have over 60 members and 4 vehicles. DRVC membership is open to all, although the group is formed primarily for the use of residents of Dancing Rabbit ecovillage. Vehicles are signed out on a per-use basis and DRVC members are charged according to the mileage they actually use.

The cooperative is incorporated as a Missouri nonprofit corporation. All titles, registrations, insurance policies, and so forth are held in the name of DRVC. We do some of our own auto repair for DRVC vehicles, and also use the trained mechanics in nearby Rutledge.

Our vehicles (at present) are: a 2003 Dodge Ram 350 diesel truck, one Volkswagon TDI Jetta, a Volkswagon Passat, and an all-electric Nissan LEAF. Along with the ecological benefits of sharing cars among many people, we are running the vehicles on solar electricity and biodiesel, a low emissions renewable nonpetroleum fuel that can be made from used fryer oil from fast food restaurants (ours is currently from new vegetable oil). Biodiesel gives the same mileage and power results as regular diesel and from time to time we even make it ourselves!

Also take a look at our page on sustainable transportation options.

Happy sharing!