Community Guide

Do you dream of moving to an intentional community, ecovillage, or cohousing set up of some sort, but let your hesitations stop you? 


Are you ready to experience the magic of community living, but want to know which type of community would be best for you and your family, first? 


Do you long to start your own community, but feel worried that the obstacles and drawbacks of community living will be too much?

Moving to a community is a big decision. Starting your own is an even bigger one. Even if you’re ready to make the move, there are hundreds of communities out there nowadays- all of which have their own structures and systems, upsides and drawbacks. 

Questions like “what type of community are you looking to join or create?” are key, but how will you make the final decision? 

This is where our community guide service comes in. Our experience in community living (and our familiarity with lots of different communities) is here to support your discernment and decision-making process so that your communities journey is more fruitful and more likely to lead you to the fulfilling, collaborative life you imagine. 

Many of the struggles and challenges of modern communities follow a similar pattern, and knowing your key questions and longings in advance will help you filter out the noise and make choices aligned with the one and only life of your dreams.

We offer a reduced-rate initial consultation to help feel out whether you want more of our services, and we promise that you’ll leave every call feeling more capable of creating the life of your dreams– or your money back!

Initial Consultation – $50 for 60 minutes

Follow-on Consultations – $75 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes

Our community guide service is perfect if you are:

  • Planning a tour of several communities and want help deciding which communities should be top of your list to visit. 
  • Considering a specific community or two, but want to anticipate ahead of time what the obstacles might be.
  • Planning to start your own community, but want help thinking through things like bylaws, membership processes, and decision making structure.   
  • Craving the magic of community living and want to take steps toward that goal even though you can’t make the move right now.
  • Hungry for a more connected, purposeful existence and ready to create that context in your life- NOW! 

You don’t have to wait for COVID to be over to transform your life and rediscover the joy of community living.

Make THIS your year-- request a guidance session today!