The Milkweeds’ Cottage

Here we see the Milkweeds’ Cottage, home of Kurt and Alline. Kurt and Alline are married but don’t share a last name so we made a name up for them, hence they are “The Milkweeds.”

They moved to DR in 1999 and began building their new home. By the end of that season the foundation was completed, including an underground cistern, and their solar electric system was up and running.

In 2000 the Milkweeds completed the frame and roof and had all the bales in the walls. They moved into their unfinished home in time for winter. Because the house has a 2 x 6 frame most of the straw bales had to be notched, but Kurt tells us twelve whole bales went in unmodified.

When completed the Milkweeds’ cottage will have a bedroom and quilting studio upstairs; downstairs there will be an office, guest room, kitchen, dining room, living room, and full bath with composting toilets. The cottage will also have a grey water system. (Below are some photos of the cottage’s construction.)