Ecovillages Around the US

Building sustainable communities that demonstrate a different way to live and thrive is essential to our collective future on this planet. To further this goal, the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is partnering with other eco-communities to show there are models of sustainability all around the US that can provide a beacon of hope for you in your life. Two such communities are Lost Valley in Dexter, Oregon, and Ecovillage Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire.

Lost Valley Educational Center is an intentional community and ecovillage near Eugene, Oregon.  Founded in 1989, Lost Valley is one of the most established ecovillages on the West Coast, with 30 to 60 residents year-round.  The Education Center offers programming for outside groups and a conference center/venue for allied groups.

The Holistic Sustainability Semester is Lost Valley’s flagship educational program.  It is a transformational 12-week program that addresses five spheres of sustainability: personal, social, ecological, economic, and worldview.  It integrates classroom learning with an immersion experience living in the 29-year-old intentional community.

Students earn two certificates upon completion, the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and the Ecovillage Design Education Certificate (EDE).  The program is well suited for adults who want to be a part of the movement for sustainability, to become more resilient in the world, and to discover viable ways to live harmoniously within our communities and ourselves. Students come from across the country to live and learn together for three full months.  

The summer 2018 semester is underway; the fall semester begins August 27 and ends November 16.  For more information, email [email protected]. You can see the digital brochure here, or visit the HSS Program page.

La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is an ecovillage founded in 2003 and a sister community to La Cité Écologique (The Ecological City) de Ham-Nord, in Quebec. In 2007, the community expanded to gardens and a private school. As some people say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” at La Cite Ecologique of NH, they say, “It takes an Ecovillage to raise a conscious child.” Education has consistently been a part of the community’s moral foundation and in 2014, they founded The Ecovillage Institute, a learning center that offers solution-based internships and classes and workshops that promote a low-impact, high-quality lifestyle. Their goal is to bring an awakening of consciousness that will allow for the spread of peace throughout the world.

Here is just a taste of the many programs they are offering this year:

June 15-17, Ecovillage Pathway Gathering: Join us for a catalytic journey, exploring pathways to generating a purpose-filled life and communities of hope. All-inclusive starting at $71

June 23,  Ecovillage Open House: A great way to connect with community members and get to know the International Ecovillage Network. The event includes a tour of our solar installation, organic farm, and more. Kids are welcome. ($15/adult, lunch optional)

July 17- 20,  Ecovillage 101: An introduction to the four fundamental dimensions of sustainability with fun and hands-on way. $300/all-inclusive.

You can also join us here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for our very own visitors program.


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