A New World on the Horizon: A Dancing Rabbit Announcement

The world is becoming more and more aware of climate change and its drastic impact on people from all corners of the earth. At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we are seeking ways to reach a wider audience and show the world a different way of living is possible. To that end, we are launching a Dancing Rabbit Patreon account to bring you, our support base, a more in-depth, personal look into life at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. With funds raised from this exciting, new platform, we hope to create even more online resources, send more Rabbits out into the world to share their experiences, and continue to showcase that change is possible.

You can help us do this by becoming a patron and supporting our nonprofit, The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture, for as low as $1 per month. Join us on Patreon and you will gain fun insider-access and opportunities to communicate and converse with villagers as well as other patrons. Our goal is to grow this platform into a sustainable source of donations so we can make an even bigger contribution to conversations happening around the world about creating a new way of living and ultimately leaving this planet we all share in better condition.

Every dollar counts when engaging the world in a conversation of peaceful care and consideration for the planet, our fellow human beings, and especially for our children and generations to come. You can help to further that impact by becoming a monthly supporter. We look forward to engaging with you on our new Patreon feed and hearing from you what kind of things you want to know. Thank you for being a constant support for the work we do as stewards of the earth. Come laugh, share, and play with us while we show the world that change is not only possible, but also, a whole lot of fun.

Are you looking for other ways to support The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture and help to spread the message that living lightly is possible? Check out our new online shop and grab a t-shirt for yourself or someone you love!


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