93% chance of… inspiration?

Hi friends!

Ma'ikwe bringing Dancing Rabbit to the
Ma’ikwe on the first leg of the Dancing Rabbit Speaking tour this spring. Photo by Illly.

Ma’ikwe here, thinking about and getting ready for National Speaking Tour: Round II. While I’m enjoying my summer at home, I can already hear the call of the road, from the not-so-distant month of September.

Or maybe that’s Mariyam, the tour coordinator, calling to say the schedule is filling up for the fall, and I should let folks know so they can get in on the fun… Otherwise you might miss out on bringing Dancing Rabbit-style inspiration to your neighborhood.

A whopping 93% of people who attended a tour talk this spring went away inspired, and 90% said it changed their perspective.

Here’s what a few of them had to say, in their own words:

“…provocative and enlightening…”

       — Tom Venner, Dean of the College of Sciences and the Arts, Eastern Michigan University

“Ma’ikwe’s talks engage you on a thought experiment showing how life could be radically more sustainable, equitable, and just possibly even more fun. Her argument for action is compelling, and despite some of the harsh realities she confronts, she keeps it creative, compassionate, and inclusive for everyone who is captivated in attendance… Few people are more life experienced or passionate about sharing this timely message.”

      —Christopher Kindig, Business Manager, Fellowship for Intentional Community

“Ma’ikwe’s visit was the profound reminder of the commitment we need to make to change our lifestyles rapidly if we want to leave our children a livable planet, as well as the glimpse of an abundant, fulfilling world that is waiting for us when we move beyond fossil fuels.”

      —Marissa Mommaerts, Director of Programs, Transition US

Sneak Preview! Fall tour spots so far: Portland, OR, Boise, ID, Yellow Springs, OH, and Greensboro, NC. Check back soon for details, as well as newly added events!

To find out more about booking a talk or workshop for the fall in your area, contact Mariyam at [email protected].

Thanks for all you do!
Ma’ikwe Ludwig
Executive Director
Dancing Rabbit, Inc.


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