Why I Sing

By Alyssa Martin

When I sing, I feel alive!  I feel like every cell in my body is alert, vibrating with harmony. I notice that my worries and typical thought patterns seemingly melt away. I am completely present, a meditation of sorts. I sing to feel awake.

For me, shared song is pure joy. In fact, studies have shown “that singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits” (“Singing Changes Your Brain” by Stacy Horn, TIME). My sense of hope, even if just for the duration of that song, is elevated just like the notes of our shared song. I sing to be happy.

When the loneliness of life feels palpable, I typically seek out groups to sing with. This allows me a chance to feel cohesion and community. When my voice merges with the rest of the group, I no longer feel alone. I experience a sense of belonging. I sing to feel connected.

In a world where my voice can often feel silent and powerless, sometimes belting out good song can feel like a small act of resistance. Singing allows me to connect with that deep desire to speak up and be heard. I sing as an act of protest.

Marking a major life transition with song is a pure gift. How better to honor and celebrate a loved one who recently passed away? Singing a blessing to a new mother and baby represents an offering of the soul, a welcoming beyond words. Birth and death are natural life transitions common to us all. Using song to mark those major life transitions brings sanctity and reverence to the experience. I sing to honor life’s transitions.

For these reasons and so many more, I sing. Perhaps you would like to join me? Come, then, bring your voice, whether seasoned or new, confident or scared, and join me and others at Singing Rabbit over Labor Day weekend 2018. Come learn more about why you, also, must sing!