Please review the information found under the buttons below before clicking the green link at the bottom of the page to start filling out your application. We need to receive 1 application per adult.

Let us know if you have questions by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Visitors stay for one, two, or three weeks. If you have serious interest in moving to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we strongly encourage you to stay for at least 2 weeks, or attend the 3 week session in October. We ask all visitors to arrive on the first day of the visitor period, in order to make plane and train pickups, orientation, and integration as smooth as possible.

Visitors depart by the the final Sunday afternoon of the program. A visitor group consists of about 10-15 adults and up to 4 children, who you will also get to know during your time here. The visitor program schedule is quite full, and provides a comprehensive introduction to sustainable community living: Each day there will be a combination of tours, workshops about different aspects of Dancing Rabbit, or a chance to help residents with their gardens, buildings, or other projects. Visitors are not allowed to bring their pets with them when attending a visitor program.

After you are accepted to a visitor session, you will be asked to send payment to secure your spot in the program. You can submit payment via our online system or by mailed check/money order. Once invited, we do not consider your spot in the program confirmed until we receive payment.

Visitor Program Fee (per 1 adult):

1 week – $400
2 weeks – $700
3 weeks – $900

Payment for kids and young people under 18:
0-12 years: Free
13-17 years: 50% of the adult price

An additional fee will apply if we need to pick you up from airport or train station; see below for details.

We require payment in full before your visit – this assures us that you are definite about your plans and helps cover the costs of setting up your visit.


Payments are refundable based on the how much notice we are given should you cancel your visit (see below for details).

2 or more months – 75%
1 to 2 months – 50%
2 weeks to 1 month – 25%
less than 2 weeks – 0%

Dancing Rabbit offers a limited number of partial scholarships for visitors with insufficient economic resources. We welcome folks to apply if they are financially unable to attend without assistance. If you want to apply for a scholarship, please indicate this in the correspondent question of the application, and we will send you a link to the scholarship application form. We do not offer full scholarships (covering the entire program cost) and we do not allow visitors to cover the cost of the visitor program through work-trade or labor-exchange.

We allow families with kids of all ages to participate in our visitor programs, and we love the playful, creative energy that children bring to our village. We do, though, have a limit on how many kids we permit per visitor program so as not to overwhelm the community. Dancing Rabbit does not provide childcare for your child during the visitor sessions, but we can help you arrange for childcare with trusted individuals in our community. Once per week we have a pre-school morning for children offered for a suggested donation of $10-$30 (sliding scale) per child. Some of the work parties may be engaging for children, but many of our information sessions on various aspects of Dancing Rabbit (governance, communication, coops & fees, etc.) are of little interest to kids, who would rather be playing. We have a children’s room in our common house where your child can play if you are in the common house. At all times, we expect parents to have an awareness of where their kids are, so that childcare duties do not land on someone else in the village without prior arrangement.If you would like to pay for childcare services so that you can participate more fully in the visitor sessions, there are trusted individuals in the community who are great with kids and willing to provide childcare in exchange for payment. Please let us know if you are interested, as this often makes visiting much easier for families.

Lunch and dinner are prepared for visitors by rotating community members. If requested, we can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free diets. If you have any allergies that we will need to work around, please include this information in the application form. If we can’t meet your food needs, you may need to bring supplemental food. We typically serve vegetarian meals with legumes and grains and other dishes that vary based on what the gardens are (or are not) producing. We do ask visitors to help out with cooking and cleaning. You’ll be eating with your visitor group and various community members. Visitors have full access to the community building kitchen, which is fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, dishes and utensils. For breakfasts, we provide some staple ingredients, and you will be responsible for preparing your own breakfast in the community building kitchen (except for the first morning of the program, when breakfast will be prepared for you).

Visitors are also welcome to buy additional food beyond what’s provided for breakfast (eggs, cheese, raw milk, etc.) from individuals at Dancing Rabbit or in the surrounding area. Meat is rarely served at meals, and sometimes not at all during a visitor session. If you are used to eating meat frequently, we encourage you to bring some along with you or purchase some for yourself once you are here, since it is not often served at meals. Your visitor group liaisons will let you know after you arrive how and where you can purchase these supplemental foods.

Your visitor program fee covers access to the common house bathroom and showering facilities, as well as the common house kitchen (and fridge), and office space (with wi-fi). Dancing Rabbit offers raised camping platforms for tents at no additional charge. We have indoor spaces for rent that vary in size and price, the cost of which is separate (paid to the renter) and additional to visitor program cost. You can view accommodations options here: do not reserve rental accommodations until you’ve received an invitation to the visitor program. If you will not be renting accommodations, please come prepared to camp. We have a limited number of 2-person tents that you can rent for $20/week- let us know in your application form if you want to reserve one of these.

If you plan to drive, let us know and we’ll send you directions. We ask that drivers plan to arrive between 3pm-6pm on the first day of the visitor session.

If you plan to arrive by train or plane, we ask all visitors who need a pick-up to arrive into the same city on the same day (the first day of the visitor period is always a Sunday) in order to maximize car sharing. If we pick you up in a Dancing Rabbit vehicle at the airport, train or bus station, the charge is $30 for pickup, and $30 for drop off ($60 total for both).

If traveling by train or plane, arrival locations include Quincy, IL or Kirksville/La Plata, MO. We’ll let you know which station other visitors in your group are arriving into. Please get in touch with us to confirm BEFORE making non-refundable travel plans. Please also send us the details of your travel once it is confirmed. Also, if you do not come in and leave on the standard days, and a special, separate trip must be made in a Dancing Rabbit vehicle, you will be responsible for the full cost of the ride (@ 67 cents/mile, this ranges from $50-$90). In other words, if you arrive and leave on the dates we’ve scheduled for your visitor period, there will only be the $60 charge for pickup and dropoff.

  • Wi-fi internet is available in the community building.
  • Most folks pee outdoors at Dancing Rabbit, because it makes our composting toilets lighter and less aromatic.
  • Peeing outdoors is accepted anywhere but in the central courtyard, on the footpaths, or within view of the Milkweed Mercantile.
  • We use composting toilets throughout the village. This saves potable water and recycles a valuable natural resource (we’ll show you how it works!).
  • Due to our rural location, some cell phones work here, others don’t. We can make some landlines available if your cell phone does not work here.
  • We do not allow visitors to bring pets.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside buildings. If you smoke, please find a place that is a little distance away from the central village (the parking lot is a good place).
  • We follow the law: no drugs, no under-age drinking. Please do not bring anything illegal to our community.
  • We live in an area where you may encounter chiggers, ticks, and poison ivy if you visit May – September. We’ll give you some tips on handling these things.
  • There are villagers here trained in first aid. There is a health clinic and a hospital in Memphis, 13 miles away.
  • While here, you are welcome to go to our swimming pond. It’s a favorite place for villagers to relax and cool off when it’s warm. Please note that the pond area is “clothing optional” – swimsuits are fine, swimming nude is also fine. No soaps or shampoos in the pond.
  • The visitor team reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave at any time if we deem that necessary or best for the community.


We will send more specific information regarding what to bring and other details once your visit is confirmed. We’re happy to answer any other questions that may arise for you during the application and registration process.

We look forward to receiving your application soon!

Please be sure you have completely read and understood all of the information on this page before you click to continue!