Wex Position: MetaTron

Host/Project Name: MetaTron Aaron and Rae
Timeframe: May -July or indefinitely
Type of Work: Timber frame and Straw Bale
Accommodation: Tent camping space
Food Scene: guest of Bobolink kitchen, Vegan.
Hours per Week: 30
Stipend: $50 month upon completion of the month


You will explore sustainable building and simple living beside 2 energetic stewards of the Earth! You will experience living in NE Missouri, locally sourcing building materials, assist us with workshops conducted on the work site and physically participate in construction of an all season home; a 22 by 24 foot round wood timber frame and straw bale structure; with a design for maximum efficiency, building an interior rocket stove heater with bench seat, and a large green house for optimum passive solar efficiency.

Your service would require manual physical labor including but not limited to: using saws, axes, chisels, hammers and various powers tools. We are happy to train anyone on their use even if they have no experience.

Bring a pair of gloves, hat, work clothes and a pair of closed-toe work shoes. Swim suit is optional for a mid day dip in one of the community ponds.

You’ll be exposed to genuine, kind and skilled rabbits to socialize and dine on fresh local organic meals. Several evenings during the workshop we will offer information on living in communities such as Dancing Rabbit and also discuss natural building techniques as well as various other sustainable living practices.

You’ll be here during rather hot months in the year but prepare for cold nights. You would be responsible for your own travel. If you come to Dancing Rabbit by train or bus, we’ll pick you up at the nearest station (Quincy, IL; La Plata, MO; Ottumwa, IA) at no cost to you. Other travel to Dancing Rabbit and travel during your stay is at your expense.

This will be a life changing and life affirming experience especially for anyone unaccustomed to intentional living.