Wex Position: Community Garden Building

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Host/Project Name: The Bean Field Community Gardens (Sam)
Timeframe: April and May
Type of Work: Building garden beds and other outdoor labor
Accommodation: tent
Food Scene: TBD, Vegan diets happily accommodated
Hours per Week: 24
Stipend: none ($600/month for honcho)
Positions Available: 2 + 1 honcho


The Bean Field is a private venture to provide ready-to-plant garden space for folks who wish to garden at DR and can’t or don’t want to spend a year prepping beds before they can expect good crops.

The two kinds of position available are for a honcho and two laborers.

  • Honcho: I am looking for someone who has strong education and some practical experience in building and designing gardens. You will be expected to work without supervision for days at a time, while supervising the two laborers. You should be secure in your ability to manage a worksite, use materials creatively, make decisions independently, and be responsive to direction. Fostering a pleasant, energetic atmosphere on the worksite among the three of you will be largely your responsibility. You’re also expected to do the labor, as detailed for the laborer positions below. In exchange, you get paid the equivalent of $10 per hour, which is more than the DR base wage (what I get paid for DR work), and amounts to $600 per month after your co-op fees are taken out. You should expect to be actively working about 24 hours per week.
  • Laborers: I’m looking for two folks with plenty of energy for outside work moving heavy stuff. You might learn something about building garden beds. You’ll definitely learn about living in an ecovillage. You get your co-op fees covered, in exchange for 24 hours per week of work.

How I’ll feed you is still up in the air, so it could end up being a very simple outdoor or semi-outdoor kitchen, or a larger indoor co-op. In any case, vegan diets will be accommodated.

You’ll need to provide your own transportation to and from DR, which I can help you figure the logistics of. You’ll need to provide your own tent, tarps, and appropriate clothing. Gloves and tools will be provided.