We are no longer accepting further Internship Applications for the 2014 Summer Season.
Inquiries regarding future opportunities are welcome.
Email: frank@deepgreenmachine.com

50/50 Technology-Engineering/Sustainable Living Internship

Timeframe:   8 to 16 Week Internship(s)
Actual Start Date(s) Negotiable ~ Approximately May 2013

Type of Work: Machining, Welding, Fabricating, Assembling, Woodworking, Construction, Various Equipment Repair (Tractors, Autos, Motorcycles), etc.

Accommodations: No charge tent camping – or — limited indoor lodging is available at an extra charge

Food Scene: Omnivorous Co-op Sensitive to Dietary Needs

Hours per Week: 40

Stipend: Negotiable based upon experience.


Applications accepted until April 15, 2014

Internship Offer(s) to suitable candidates will be made no later than April 30, 2014

Internship will not be awarded if suitable candidate is not identified

Please submit a Resume and/or Curriculum Vitae as appropriate.

Internship Details:

A unique internship opportunity allowing time to be split between:

  • Participation and support the start-up of an alternative/co-operative business: Deep Green Machine.  Please visit www.deepgreenmachine.com for details
  • Experience living at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village or Red Earth Farms
  • Included: meals, tent space, food, internet access, multiple co-ops fees.
  • Transportation to and from Rutledge, Mo is not included
  • Minimum Weekly Stipend $160.  Stipend negotiable based upon experience.
  • Additional stipend may become available depending upon ability to secure income generating work.
  • A successful internship may lead to part/full-time employment offer or co-op membership at DGM.

Deep Green Machine is a second year start-up enterprise, designed to be an incubator which will provide fertile ground for experimentation regarding alternative business-social models in which: community, care for our environment, care for people are valued; and profit is made ethically without externalizing costs or extracting resources.

As an incubator, Deep Green Machine, will eliminate barriers to entry by making support available via: infrastructure, educational/professional guidance, mentorship and internship(s).  Services of Deep Green Machine will include: Machine-Fabrication-Wood Shop; Inventors Workshop; Repair Workshop; Digital Art Studio, Fiber Arts Studio, Artists-Craft Studio with a focus on: prototyping, limited production runs, model making, custom work.

Deep Green Machine will strive to holistically provide and allow for: A Living Wage, Health Care, Self-Determination, Worker Solidarity. Whenever it is acceptable and appropriate, Deep Green Machine will make use of: up-cycled, recycled, post-consumer and salvaged material(s).

Who We Are Looking For?

We want applications from enthusiastic, hands-on, self-starting, roll-up-your sleeves-and-get-it-done kind of people who have experience and interest in areas such as:

·    Engineering/Technology

·    CAD/CAM

·    Wood-Metal Working

·    Fabricating

·    Welding (SMAW, TIG, OAW)

·    Machining: Milling, Turning and Drilling

·    AND Sustainable Living

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to develop a long term and in-depth relationships with members of Deep Green Machine www.deepgreenmachine.com  and the communities of: Dancing Rabbit https://www.dancingrabbit.org , Sandhill Farm http://www.sandhillfarm.org  and Red Earth Farms http://www.redearthfarms.org .

Interns work completing a variety of projects including: CAD/CAM, Welding, Machining, Assembly, Woodworking, Gardening, Tree Planting, Fence Building/Repair, Animal Care, Building and Plumbing.  Occasionally interns will work with partner communities at their farm or greenhouse. Interns are expected to work 5 days, 8 hours a day per week. Remaining time can be used for personal projects or recreation.

Interns will eat, live and sleep on farm at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage or Red Earth Farms. Deep Green Machine, located in Rutledge, is a short 2.5 mile bicycle ride or walk from farm (Community Bicycles are available for the commute).

For more information see our website, fill out a wexer application, and email frank@deepgreenmachine.com