Do you dream of living in a Tiny House?

Do you dream of living in a Tiny House?


Lobelia is an 864 sq. ft. two bedroom, straw bale, passive solar with kitchen, common spaces and composting toilet. One of the larger tiny houses available, it is the perfect size for a family. It comes with gardens, solar panels, shed and root cellar space.


Woodhenge is a 525 sq. ft. timber frame, straw bale, earthen plaster tiny home for sale or rent. In addition to passive solar design with radiant floors, there is a kitchenette, shed, garden space, and addition that could be used as an outdoor kitchen or extra bedroom/studio.


This 240 sq. ft. passive solar tiny house cabin has a light clay straw insulation with natural plaster on the interior and reclaimed barn wood for siding. For sale or rent, this tiny home is ideal for an individual or a couple trying to reduce their impact while living in a green community.

Grain Bin

The Grain Bin is a straw bale insulated tiny home for rent that has two floors with separate entrances. It could be used as a one room studio or a two room apartment space. With shed and garden space included, it is a great landing place for people joining our tiny house community.



Ecovillage Weekend

Explore Living Lightly and Tiny in Community

Spend a long weekend with us at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and gather ideas, concepts, and skills for living lightly and tiny wherever you live. This unique program blends the “eco” with the “village” of our community life. You’ll have hands-on opportunities with natural building, low-carbon gardens and kitchens, alternative energy systems, and organic resource recycling. You’ll also interact with alternative economic systems, skills for human connection and cooperation, and creative fun – all part of life at Dancing Rabbit! Come see how you can live in a tiny home community full of rich experiences and resources that make you feel like you are living big.

Just some of what you’ll experience during the weekend:

  • Tour of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage where you will see an array of Tiny Homes
  • Natural and energy-efficient tiny house building techniques
  • Food systems: growing, cooking, and preserving local food by sharing space and resources
  • Recycling resources: compost, humanure, and greywater
  • Alternative energy: solar, wind, and human power
  • Cooperatives that make living in a tiny home comfortable and accessible
  • Communication and conflict resolution for cooperative culture
  • Cooperative decision-making
  • Opportunities for physical and spiritual practices in shared community spaces like the Case de Cultura 
  • simple, creative fun!

What will you gain by taking this course?

Simply experiencing life at Dancing Rabbit can shed light on what’s possible for living lightly and tiny on the planet. And, if you’re like the hundreds of people who’ve visited, you’re sure to be uplifted and inspired. This 3-day experience is all about what YOU can actually do within the context of your home and your lifestyle. We’ll guide you to create your own action plan for a truly do-able project, and we’ll support you to take steps to implement that plan at home. And, who knows, you might become an inspiration to others where you live or maybe even join us out here on the prairie!

Located in Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, nestled in the rolling hills of Northeast Missouri, is one of the most well-known and successful ecovillages in the country, and one of the few in the Midwest. Founded in 1997, DR is home to many excellent examples of sustainable and eco-living with a variety of tiny homes and shared living spaces. Plus the stars at night are amazing. You can check out the rest of our website to learn more about our ecovillage.

Discover What People Have to Say About Their Experience

  • I first heard about DR 15 years ago, finally came to visit for the first Saturday tour of 2019 back in April, and was so intrigued and really just wanted the chance to have a more extended experience of this amazing place! The highlights for me were the sessions that shone a light on the daily lives of the residents here and how they make things workable and conducive to whatever needs they have to accomplish. I loved the hands-on opportunity to help Hassan make his sand/clay/straw concoction and the opportunity to get so gloriously muddy applying it to the wall.

    Thank you for all your hard work and effort in putting this together for us to learn about your amazing home! Your community has been so great about opening itself up to complete strangers and loving and educating them!

    Sarah Jiles

    Ecovillage Weekend Experience Participant 2019
  • I found interaction with DR members and residents…to be the most valuable portion of the weekend experience. Through the testimony of these individuals, a highly intimate and deeply personal connection were formed with DR in my mind.

    I would highly recommend this experience to everyone.

    Greyson Miller

    Ecovillage Weekend Experience Participant 2019
  • I have actually fallen in love with you folks and hope that we collaborate over time in the area of new sustainable economics and scaling your model.

    Alyson & Avi were the consummate hosts and teachers. Alyson has one of the best holistic facilitating styles that I have encountered in 37 years of workshops and gatherings. Tons of head material wit the right amount of balance with heart, body, & spirit.


    Joel Hodroff

    Ecovillage Weekend Experience Participant 2019
  • Alyson’s facilitation was significantly remarkable. The way she brought joy and ease to bear must have been an enormous amount of work; it made everything else feel light, comfortable, and doable.

    Dylan Linet

    Ecovillage Weekend Experience Participant 2019

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