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The Problem is the Solution


Because you are a friend of Dancing Rabbit, I’m going to take a leap and guess that you are someone who’s interested in solutionssolutions to the ecological and cultural issues we face today. (Just a guess…)

And because you’re aware of the issues, and excited by solutions, I’m also guessing that you could be a great match for the 4th Annual Permaculture Design Course at Dancing Rabbit, happening September 21-30!

Why? Simply put, permaculture is a framework for creating sustainable and regenerative human habitat. The world-renowned Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course curriculum explores physical, social, economic, and inner personal human realms as self-perpetuating and healing ecosystems. A permaculture design course gives you practical tools for designing and creating these systems anywhere in the world. And what better place to explore sustainable human habitat and creative solutions than an ecovillage like Dancing Rabbit?  

Nothing to it, but to do it! Photo by Marge Becaud.

Our PDC uses our twenty-year-old ecovillage as a living laboratory, interweaving the wisdom and knowledge of the permaculture movement with the firsthand learning experiences of an intentional community. We’ve integrated hands-on activities around the ecovillage with project-based learning and opportunities for creative expression, human connection, and celebration. I think you’ll be surprised and inspired by the power of this deep solutions-oriented experience.

And there’s more! A main focus of our course is on solutions to climate change, the most fundamental issue affecting us all on the planet. We’ll zero in on what we can actually do to address our changing climate—close to home as permaculture practitioners, and more broadly as global citizens.

“The problem is the solution” is a well-loved permaculture concept. Come explore what this can mean for you, your community, and your planet.

Register now for our Permaculture Design Course at Dancing Rabbit, September 21-30, while the “Earliest Bird” super discounted price is still available!

With appreciation, dear friend of Dancing Rabbit, and excitement about sharing this experience with you,

Sharon Bagatell
Dancing Rabbit Member
and PDC Lead Teacher

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