Laura Wolf June '16

The Hidden Gem of Sustainable Living

By Sharon Bagatell, CSCC Education Coordinator

I’m really excited about the workshop we’re offering this fall called THRIVE: Inner Sustainability for Healers, Leaders, and Lovers of the Earth, with transformational coach Laura Wolf. Here’s a little bit about why…

In talking with folks who visit Dancing Rabbit, I’ve taken to calling the work we do on inner sustainability “the hidden gem I didn’t know I was looking for.”

For many years, I, like so many of the folks who visit here, focused on my ecological footprint,  what I could do to heal the wounds of the planet and make my contribution to a new sustainable culture. It has been good work and it’s kept me quite busy! With so much to do in my outward work, I didn’t even think to take time to focus inward.

In fact, I approached my first workshop with Laura Wolf with as much skepticism as curiosity. Is this really going to get me anywhere, I wondered? Will this take me down a proverbial “rabbit hole” and distract me from my path to a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable world?

I am delighted to say that the workshop did quite the opposite! Not only was it personally powerful, it took me to a deeper level in my relationship with sustainability. I saw that inner and outer sustainability are intricately interwoven parts of a whole. That gem I didn’t know I was looking for was revealed!

In subsequent years of working with Laura, I can say wholeheartedly that she really gets the interrelationship between nurturing the planet and nurturing ourselves. She has a passion for supporting people to do what we are here to do in the world, and she has amazing tools to guide us to make sustainable inner changes, so that we can continue to create effective and sustainable outer change. Working with Laura has truly helped me not only to keep on, but to thrive!  

Laura’s work has touched many lives in many ways. Here’s what participants have said about her workshop weekends:

  • “This process has freed up so much creative energy in me, I feel more alive every time I do this work. Having an embodied experience of self-liberation, I feel more trust and confidence in every aspect of my life.”
  • “The weekend gives you the opportunity to embody the skills that allow you to actually become the change that you most need.”
  • “This process has opened up a whole new way of life for me, helping me to make different choices that better serve me and those I love.”
  • “If you want to move beyond your stuck places with love, support, wisdom and skillful facilitation, this is the place to come!”

Are you ready to take your sustainability to a deeper level?

Register now for the THRIVE weekend at Dancing Rabbit, and be on your way to finding your own hidden gem!

P.S. Special offer! If you’re one of the next three people to sign up, you’ll get a $125 discount off the full price of the workshop!

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