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Dancing Rabbit is an intentional community. That means that we are a group of people working together toward shared goals. Most intentional communities share land and other resources. While most people’s image of an intentional community might key off stereotypical images of ‘60’s communes, there are actual thousands of years of history to the intentional communities movement. Starting with Buddha encouraging his followers to band together, share resources and spiritual practice, up through modern day cohousing communities, student coops, and ecovillages there is as much variety within the movement as ideas people can come up with for interesting ways to get together with others. The communities movement is a rich subculture, emphasizing creative approaches to living, cooperative systems and culture, and deliberate consideration of the impact on others (and often the planet) in how we live our daily lives.

Communities Magazine

Communities Magazine

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is a national nonprofit organization who acts as a clearinghouse for information and resources related to community. You can find a wide range of resources on their website, including the Communities Directory, Community Bookshelf, Communities magazine, and events listings. Dancing Rabbit is a community with many connections to the wider movement. We have FIC staff and board members who live here, strong connections to three neighboring communities (with whom we collectively are referred to as the “Quad Communities”) and many friends of the community living in other communities across the US.