The Not-For-Profits of Dancing Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit isn’t just a cool place to live, it’s also two not-for-profit organizations.

The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture (formerly Dancing Rabbit Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable living and publicly demonstrating one way to go about it. Members and residents of the village Dancing Rabbit spend about 5000 hours per year volunteering our time toward this mission. Members also pay 2% of our income to DR Inc. as a mandatory annual donation to support the project. Other financial support for the nonprofit comes from donations made by people and companies not on site. Click here if you’d like to make a contribution now.

The other main entity that makes up the legal structure of Dancing Rabbit is Dancing Rabbit Land Trust (DRLT), a 501c2 not-for-profit title-holding company.