The Dancing Rabbit Mutual  Health Care Insurance Association, LLC (DRMIA) is a fund that was created in 2006 to serve people at Dancing Rabbit, Red Earth Farms and Sandhill. It is not insurance, but a community-based fund that helps its members get their health needs met. DRMIA does this by helping members negotiate low-cost care and proactively support each other in wellness.  When there is a major medical event, DRMIA as a member of PEACH (a larger health fund run by the FEC), will pay for remaining expenses, within certain limits.

In order to join the DRMIA, prospective members need to fill out the health questionnaire and then be approved by the group. This allows the group to examine what sort of financial risk it may be taking on. Folks who join the DRMIA pay a $50 one-time fee and a monthly fee (based on a percentage of their previous year’s income (AGI from their tax return) weighted by additional long-term assets.  It takes three years to fully vest, but the DRMIA offers some form of financial support for individual medical events costing over $800, based on length of membership and value of the fund.  Additionally, DRMIA is on track to implement a zero-deductible with 100% coverage by 2020.