Development Support Staff

Pay Range $8.50 – $15.00*
Dancing Rabbit, Inc.

Hire/Fire at PL2 by Development Coordinator & HR Committee
Reports to: Development Coordinator & CH Capital Coordinator
Supervises: volunteers (if necessary)
Time Commitment: 8 hours/week on average*

*Salary: Pay will be based on a set salary, determined by the DR, Inc. Budget, recognizing significant growth in fundraising results is a pre-requisite to paying what this position is worth. This salary would be guaranteed, with the understanding that actual hours worked and actual results achieved would be evaluated at the close of the fiscal year, and HR may recommend a retroactive budget adjustment for community approval.

Primary or key responsibilities (* indicate where this co is bottom-line)

  • Organizing and managing donor lists and recording actions taken/expected*
  • Recording data on prospects and donors, including sensitive and/or confidential information*
  • Conduct prospect research and organize research volunteers*
  • Recording donations & sending thank you notes*
  • Receiving and processing payments, depositing receipts*
  • Calling donors/soliciting (as directed by Development Coordinators)*
  • Implementing solicitation programs as directed*
  • Processing incoming & outgoing communications relating to solicitations & donations*

Secondary responsibilities

  • Potentially supporting cross-committee work (i.e. making updates to website)
  • Help identify new donors and opportunities for fundraising
  • Draft quarterly donations progress reports
  • Ensure DR information is updated in appropriate online databases (GuideStar, Network4Good, etc.)
  • Attending all relevant strategy/progress meetings with the membership, board, or development team

Description of the scope of work expected:
Support all fundraising activities as directed by the Development Coordinator(s). Provide accurate recordkeeping and maintain paper and electronic files. Proactively keep abreast of all major activities of the Development Coordinator.

Must be able to work independently with some oversight from the Development Coordinator(s) and pro-actively check-in as necessary. Requires a high level of accuracy, meeting regular internal deadlines. Must be sensitive to privacy issues. Good writing and telephone communication skills are necessary for successful donor communications. Regular status reports to the Development Coordinator(s) are expected.

Records must be kept in the DR Office, and maintained within DR systems. While some work may be done online or on personal computers, much of the work is expected to occur in the DR Office.

Skills Required:
High-level attention to detail; an ability to multi-task, organize, track, and schedule. Strong communication skills (written and verbal). Must be comfortable and willing to talk about money in an engaging and personable way with prospective and existing donors, and be broadly knowledgeable about the Dancing Rabbit Project. Familiarity with computers and ability to work with database entry, bookkeeping, and spreadsheet programs. Sensitivity around handling confidential information.

Performance Evaluation Criteria:
Performance will be evaluated 3 months after hire, and every 6 months thereafter.

In addition to a general evaluation of accuracy, quality of work, quantity of work, dependability, adaptability, job knowledge, organization, judgment, initiative, ability to get along with others, and attitude, additional specific evaluation criteria for this position include:

  • Responsiveness to donors/donations, based on criteria set by the Development Coordinator(s).
  • Clarity/completeness of documentation and other qualitative measurements determined in conjunction with the Development Coordinator(s), DR Inc. Secretary, and the HR Committee.