businesses within the village and there are a variety of ways for individuals to cobble together work inside and outside the village in order to get their financial needs met. Below is a list of some of the ways that folks have made money at Dancing Rabbit:

  • Residential/Commercial Construction
  • Market Gardening
  • Produce Harvesting
  • Creating Value-Added Foods
  • Direct Marketing
  • Teaching Locally
  • Online Education
  • Online Sales of Arts and Crafts
  • Childcare
  • Web Design
  • Blog Writing

Within Dancing Rabbit, positions are potentially available for:

  • Administrative workers, for managerial, accounting, fundraising, grant writing, and article writing tasks
  • Office workers, to work at the Fellowship for Intentional Communities office at Sandhill.
  • People excited about natural building, with or without construction experience
  • Construction managers
  • Experienced maintenance workers
  • Gardeners who are interested in growing organic vegetables
  • Biodiesel researchers and producers
  • Biogas researchers

Contact us to check on the availability of these and other positions available to members and residents of Dancing Rabbit.

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