“There’ll be music, sweet music…there’ll be music everywhere.” –Dancing in the Streets

Walking around Dancing Rabbit town, the sounds of music waft to one’s ears. Stereos entertain cooks chopping vegetables, choir veterans teach madrigals to eager new singers, guitars ring from every corner.

Making music is one of the easiest art forms for Rabbits to practice. It’s portable, it’s easy to pick up for a short time in a free moment, and anyone can do it. The drive to make music seems almost irresistible for a lot of people, so there are a lot of outlets for music-making energy here at the ecovillage..

There a weekly a capella song circle,  a part-singing group rehearses irregularly, and pop/rock/blues groups rehearse and give impromptu or planned performances from time to time. We also do sing-a-longs whenever critical mass hits. You can’t swing a cat at DR without hitting a guitar player (and annoying the cat) ((joke)) so there’s always someone plucking away and drawing another player into their spell to learn a new song or technique.

There’s an opportunity for everyone, from serious musicians to those who just want to sing along with a guitar while doing dishes. Of course, sometimes it’s good to be stimulated by outside influences as well, and we have a large music collection covering a wide range, from classical to disco, for just this purpose. We also have a goodly number of house concerts on site.

Dancing Rabbit is a great place to sing, play or learn to play an instrument. Whether you prefer to yodel, digeridoo, or (god forbid) play the trombone, if you come to visit, come ready to play!