In the summer of 1999 Dancing Rabbit hosted an Artist in Residence internship in order to create community art that would reflect the land and contribute to a history of artwork that promotes a connection to local nature. The result was a large scale mural on the northern wall of our outdoor kitchen, in the middle of our burgeoning village. Larger versions of the images below can be viewed by clicking on each image. The artist, Barbara Duperron, stayed at Dancing Rabbit for several months while creating it—be sure to read her statement below.

Memory Loop Five

Large detail images:

Artist’s Statement

Memory Loop Five was created to honor the species and spirits that find a home at Dancing Rabbit. I have created a visual representation of fifteen species that are native to northeast Missouri. Most of the species still exist here; two are now only memories. The circle motif is meant to represent the cycle of life in which these species, and all others species, exist. I chose to format the mural as a triptych to allow for a visual separation between the present day species and those from the past. The smaller side panels have animal prints in them which represent Elk (left panel) and Grey Wolf (right panel). I placed the prints in large circles that spill over into the central panel. This represents our important connection to the past. The five circles in the central panel all represent species which are still present in Northeast Missouri. The triangular pattern within the large circles and the green border found along the edges was inspired by Hopi and Taewa pottery/fabric designs. This is not meant to show a specific connection to Native American culture but rather to show a connection to all things as a whole. My wish is to create a memory loop of peace for everyone who views this work of art.

-Barbara Duperron

Left Panel
Timothy Grass (still present)
Central Panel—Large Circle
Purple Cone Flower
Partridge Pea
Wild Strawberry
Indian Blanket
Central Panel—Smaller Circles
American Goldfinch
Northern Oriole
Red Winged Blackbird
Eastern Bluebird
Right Panel
Grey Wolf
Wheatgrass (still present)