Hello Reunion Attendees,

This year we are trying something a bit different in organizing our reunion meals. In years past we’ve asked cooks to volunteer their time, but we’ve decided to try paying our DR cooks, and to have a cool local business in Memphis cater some of our meals as well.

As a result, food costs are more than they have been in the past for our reunions.  Below we have payment options that include our actual costs for meals this year.

We need you to pay now so we can get an accurate meal count for planning purposes.

(If you are local to the area, and you want to only pay for specific meals, then scroll down to “Local Pricing Options For Specific Meals.”)

Meal Plan Options

If these meal costs feel like a hardship, you may contact Nathan about getting a reduced rate.

Local Pricing Options For Specific Meals

Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner only $36
Saturday Lunch and Dinner only $25
Saturday Dinner only $15

Sunday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner only $36
Sunday Lunch and Dinner only $25
Sunday Dinner only $15

Send ELMs payments to the  DR Reunion Food account.

You can chip in extra to help those who feel these prices are a hardship using the button below.

Any extra money will go into the DR Inc. general fund.