Accommodations for Program Participants

Thank you for taking the time to register and pay for a workshop or visitor program at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage!

The following accommodations are available for Dancing Rabbit program participants (that’s you!). These spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

You can reach out using the contact info below to reserve lodging for yourself during your visit.

Milkweed Mercantile

Welcome to the Milkweed Mercantile, a two-story strawbale building built specifically for welcoming visitors to DR! Run by a cooperative, our goal is to help you to relax and feel at home during your time at Dancing Rabbit. We have two rooms available: one with a king bed, and one with two twin beds.

Your stay includes:
    • Free wifi
    • A/C in the guest lounge and downstairs in the dining room
    • Ceiling fans over every bed.
    • Potable drinking water
    • Commercial composting toilets
    • Super comfortable beds
    • Fresh linens once a week (sheets and towels)
    • Two showers utilizing collected rainwater
    • Upstairs lounge with couch, armchair, table, chairs, books, games, hardwood floor for yoga, etc.
View photos of the rooms here:
Mercantile photos (

    • 3 nights : $125 single occupancy, $145 double occupancy
    • 10 nights: $350 single occupancy, $400 double occupancy
    • 14 nights: $400 single occupancy, $500 double occupancy
Currently, the Mercantile is only available to those who have previously visited Dancing Rabbit.

Contact: with questions or for reservations.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Gnome Dome

This partly underground earthbag abode is now available!
    • Tiny. Space to think, sleep, be. Suitable for one occupant only.
    • Quaint. Built into a prairie hillock, could just as well be called the hobbit hole!
    • Comfortable. Wired. Resilient to heat and cold. Storm-proof.
    • Customized. Hand built down to the bed, desk, skylight, stove.
    • $20 per night
    • a one time cleaning fee of $45
To Reserve: Contact Alis at for more information.

Ubuntu Treehouse

520sq feet of open studio style space up high in the sky!

A gorgeous private place at the edge of the village.

    • Comes with king bed and small futon couch, stove, ice box, compost toilet.
    • Completely off grid!! No power, no outlets, no electricity. Some solar and battery lights provided and propane for cooking. But you’ll have to charge your electronics in the common house.
    • The most beautiful views of a huge deck. Do yoga or watch sunsets. The swimming pond, vineyard and forest hikes are just steps away.
    • This is high off the ground (10+ feet) and no railings around a deck - not for the faint hearted!
    • Bedding, teas, snacks provided 🙂
If you wish to disconnect from everything and enjoy bird song and nature and quiet then this place is for you.

    • Night: $40 ($45 for two people) + $25 one time cleaning fee
    • Week: $200 ($250 for two people)
To Reserve: Contact Aruné at for more information.

Skyhouse Guest Room

170 sq/ft private room on second story of a strawbale house
    • Double Bed ‐ sheets and blankets provided or feel free to bring your own
    • Loft available for additional sleeping space
    • Bathroom with shower and composting toilet down the hall
    • Electricity available but please conserve
    • Wifi available
    • Families with children welcome (generally no more than 4 people in the room)
    • No Pets
    • No Smoking
    • Sliding scale $35‐50/night or $150‐250/week.
    • An added $5 per additional person/per night or $30 per additional person/per week
To Reserve: Contact Tails at for more information.


Quaint tiny house in a quiet part of the village. Two spaces, upstairs and downstairs accessed by a wooden ladder. Natural plaster interior with decorative clay elis pigment. Perfect little private space with good ventilation and a pretty arbor for shade in summer. Outhouse across the path. Electrical. 240 sq ft.

    • Daily: $25 + $20 cleaning fee
    • Weekly: $140
Pets: Smaller animals upon approval

Owner and manager: Dan Durica
Contact: Dan at

Thistledown Guest Room

Private room in a shared family home with many interesting architectural features including advanced framing, earthen berms, and high efficiency heating & cooling. Rental includes bedding, blankets, bathroom, electricity, high-speed internet with wifi, and use of the common living room and dining spaces. Room is furnished with a double bed, ample desk, bookshelves, a full closet, and a window fan with cross-ventilation.

No pets allowed, other than the friendly dog who already lives here, and of course no smoking. Small children welcome, but let's chat first to make sure our arrangements will work for you and your family!

    • $50/night
    • $150/wk; single or double occupancy.
Rentals must be confirmed and paid prior to arrival.
To Reserve: Contact Cob at for more information.

Bella Ciao

Perfect for one, cozy for two, straw bale, grid-tied solar, full electric, wood stove, warm in the cold, cool in the heat.

    • $35-45 per night
    • $150-200 per week.
    • One time clean fee $30.00
To Reserve: Contact Jason at for more information.

Jason's Yurt

Enjoy this off-grid delight, and live close to nature on the East side of the village. Tranquil, and secluded, but just a stone's throw away from the village, you will enjoy this 20-foot Pacific Yurt.

    • $50 per night…..$60 for two
    • $250 per week….$300 for two
    • 1 time clean fee of $30
To Reserve: Contact Jason at for more information.

Itty Bitty Cabins

Three, 1‐room cozy cabins! Stay out of the rain and away from the ticks in a comfortable Itty Bitty Cabin at Dancing Rabbit. Your stay in an Itty Bitty Cabin includes:
    • One sleeping cot per cabin
    • Lights
    • A fan
    • An outlet for charging cell phones, ipods, computers, etc.
    • Smoke detector
    • Wireless Internet (occasionally unavailable for 1‐2 hours every few days)
Go to for more information and reservations.



Lobelia is a private, beautiful, and spacious (864 sqft) two-bedroom strawbale house with earthen plaster. The passive solar orientation, thermal mass, thermal curtains, an a/c unit, ceiling fans, and straw bale insulation provide a stable comfortable temperature no matter outside conditions. There is a queen bed in one bedroom and two twin beds in the second bedroom. An office space has a loft bed above a desk and a queen size blow-up mattress is available for bigger groups of up to 7. Lobelia has a full size kitchen. Pets are allowed.

Rent: $100/night, $300/week, $700/month

Contact: Andi at

Timberframe 2nd Story Space

Make yourself at home with us in this beautiful natural built home!

As a guest, you’ll stay in the 225 sqft master bedroom. Enjoy a meditation loft and separate entrance from a 75 sqft deck overlooking the Missouri Prairie. You'll enjoy the stunning sunrises which come over the prairie landscape each morning!

The master bedroom comes furnished with a double bed, writing desk and chair, plush silk floor rug, and hanging rack for your clothing. Bed linens, fan, heat, electricity, and wireless internet are included with rental.


    • Single Bedroom: rented by single: $35/night, $200/week, $500/3 weeks
    • Bedroom rented by couple: $50/night, $300/week, $800/3 weeks
    • Downstairs Addition: $80 per night. You'll have access to two bedrooms, living, dining, bathroom.
Sorry, no pets or smoking (indoors or outdoors on the property) please. People with cat allergies may have issues being here – some people react to our cats’ dander, while others do not.

Contact for more information.

Dan will be your contact person at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.