Cake and Celebration

Construction on Crooked Route

Straw bales and timber frames are a common combination at Dancing Rabbit. Here, another house goes up on Crooked Route Road.

Pleasant, not-too-hot weather, greenery all around, tomato and eggplant and basil, oh my… Tereza here, enjoying the abundance of summer and offering news from my corner of Rabbit Land!

I’ll begin with feline happenings… I read Ted’s column of last week and cannot believe he neglected to mention the newest addition to his family: Gromit the kitten! He is so cute! (The kitten, I mean. Ted’s cute too but he doesn’t have furry white paws and grey tabby stripes and big kitten eyes. And he certainly has never, in my presence at least, batted at pieces of straw and string so adorably.) Gromit’s mother, newly rechristened Grace, also lives in the neighborhood, and watching the two of them together is a treat.

Heading out the door to my regular Sunday evening “Brown girls hangout” (Kassandra and her daughters Violet and Dash and I all share the same last name of Brown), I saw Ted and Aurelia sitting at the picnic table in the Ironweed courtyard, watching the hilarious kitten and momma antics. I couldn’t help myself, I joined them for Kitten TV and spent the next ten minutes laughing as hard as I ever did at any sitcom. Having experienced kitten joy themselves, when I told the girls why I was late they completely understood.

This was the last week of the Ecovillage Education class, and many events happened in conjunction with the big finish. There was a fabulous benefit dinner held at the Milkweed Mercantile on Friday night, where the food and friends were fabulous, and hearing the students tell about their experiences of the course was both interesting and entertaining. There was an online benefit auction as well, and I bid on and won a lovely tiara and water bottle, as well as two yummy pizzas, all donated by the Mercantile. I already have a tiara, so I gave that to a young friend, who sparkled happily in it.

The students also sponsored a cake walk, games, and a dance party on Saturday. The first part of the dance party was in honor of Elle’s 11th birthday. Unfortunately I missed the games and party, but I did make it to the cake walk. It’s kind of a strange concept if you think about it: musical chairs with a prize of a cake for the winner, done over and over again until all the cakes are gone. At first I thought I would remain cakeless: there was cutthroat competition for those yummy-looking treats! Thank goodness Kody kindly shared the chocolate and vanilla marble cake he won with everyone. Even better, after three or four rounds of cake walking, we decided to just have everybody eat all the cakes that were left. Mmmmm, I really enjoyed that part! If only Nani used recipes I could get the blackberry vanilla one from her and make my own; guess I’ll have to ask her to make it with me sometime.

There was more cake the next day, on Elle’s actual birthday. There was a funny moment when we started to sing to her, and half the group started the usual birthday song and the other half sang the newer birthday song Liat taught us (Happy birthday to you/ We’re so glad you’re alive/ You’re a gift from the earth/ Bless the day of your birth!). Chaos ensued, until we settled on just one; the usual, as it happened. While some folks might have been daunted by the prospect of eating even more cake, I was up for the challenge and did my part to celebrate Elle’s birth.

On Sunday we had a business meeting to further clarify our vehicle covenant. It was tense at times, and we didn’t get as far as we hoped, but with each meeting we learn more, and I have hopes that we will come to agreement soon.

The ecovillage course folks held a short graduation ceremony, which appears to have gone well, with videos from their first few days, gifts, and instructor-composed limericks. I imagine there were also some tears, as this group seems to have gotten very close through the intense weeks of work and play they have done together. They are dispersing to all corners of the globe as I write this, but I hear rumors that at least a few of them are trying to find ways to return!

There have been a lot of personal guests of late, most of whom I’ve only met in passing. I hope to get to know Hassan’s guests a bit better, since we eat in Ironweed kitchen together. His sister Lana and father Brian are spending a few weeks and a few days here respectively. His dad works with electric vehicles, so I hope folks pick his brain while he’s here! I love our electric Leaf car and would love to add more electric capacity to our vehicle co-op fleet!

It’s also a time of Rabbit departures, with a number of members and residents traveling for reasons ranging from weddings to work to European adventures to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert, and work exchangers finishing their time with us and heading off to new places. I’m leaving soon for a 10 day meditation retreat, and know that the cast of characters will look quite different upon my return, but that the community feeling will be here regardless.

Things change, things stay the same. Best wishes to those who are leaving us, and here’s hoping that wherever we find ourselves, we all enjoy our experiences and connections!



Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community and educational nonprofit in northeast Missouri, focused on sustainable living. We offer a tour of our village on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month: the next tour is August 24th, 2013. It begins at 1:00 pm, usually lasts one and a half to two hours, and you don’t need a reservation. If you need directions, please call the DR office at 660-883-5511 or email us at [email protected]. Find out more at on our website, or on facebook at


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