New 2017 Workshop Schedule!

New 2017 Workshop Schedule!

Will you join us for a workshop or visitor program at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in 2017?

We took your feedback from last fall’s program survey, and designed this year’s program menu with YOU in mind!

Here are ways you can learn with us this year:

•  Natural Building Workshop – Come experience the exhilaration of learning how to build with natural materials! This 3-day workshop will cover a variety of wall infill techniques, including cob, cordwood, wattle & daub, and light clay straw. You’ll tour many of DR’s natural buildings, learn from seasoned Dancing Rabbit builders, and come away knowing how to make your walls stand the test of time.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course – Swales, edge zones, and stacking functions, oh my! What could be more exciting than learning permaculture in a place where it’s lived daily? You’ll earn your Permaculture Design Certificate while learning and living sustainability, Dancing Rabbit-style. This will be our 3rd annual permaculture course, offered in conjunction with Midwest Permaculture.

THRIVE: Inner Sustainability for Healers, Leaders, & Lovers of the Earth – Want to learn personal growth tools for sustainable inner change so you can make sustainable outer change? Discover how the process of change works, where you get stuck in the process of change, and how to get unstuck– so that you can make the real and lasting changes you long for, at personal, organizational, and global levels.

And of course, we continue to offer our extremely popular visitor program, with 6 multi-week sessions this year, including a women-only session in September.

Dancing Rabbit turns 20 years old this year… What better time to take advantage of our two decades of experience with living sustainably, inside and out?

We look forward to supporting you in your sustainable living-and-learning journey this year.

In Community,

Danielle Williams
Executive Director
Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture (CSCC)
at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

P.S. All of CSCC’s workshops have special early bird prices, but you’ll need to register soon if you want to take advantage of them!