Midwest Sustainable Communities Conference
2017 Dates TBD

circleupCommunity is an important missing link in addressing climate change and resource depletion, and the Midwest is one of the best regions in the US to create community. So let’s get together for a weekend and create some community!

In 2017 please join us as we come together to learn, network, explore, and inspire each other to create a more cooperative and sustainable world.

Workshops and networking sessions throughout the weekend will bring us new ideas for how to live sustainably, collectively. Program tracks will target the interests of aspiring community founders, current intentional community members, and folks wanting to deepen their understanding of the sustainability-community connection.

Talks and casual conversation will bring us insight into the radical contributions community building can make to ending the worst social and ecological ills of our time. We’ll even do some climate change activism together for those who are interested. And of course spending the weekend in the midwest’s premier ecovillage, Dancing Rabbit, will help inspire hope: sustainable is not only possible, it is also, here, now, and fun (plus there’s a lovely swimming pond)!

The tentative workshop lineup (more to come!) includes:

  • Starting an Intentional Community, Ma’ikwe Ludwig
  • Collective Carbon Farming and the Commons, Ben Brownlow
  • A Systems Approach to Organic Land Care, Javier Gil
  • Natural Death and Burial – Your Final Act of Love, Alline Anderson
  • Cultivating Cooperative Culture, Ma’ikwe Ludwig
  • Cookin’ with the Critters!, Katherine Hanson
  • Holistic Animal Management, Mae Ferber
  • Transforming Conflict into Connection with Restorative Circles, Alyson Ewald and friends
  • Inner Sustainability, Sara Peters and Tereza Brown
  • Simple Off-grid Solar, Brent Whistler
  • Learning Good Consent: Patriarchy and Anti-Sexism, the Northeast Missouri Consent Collective
  • Climate Egalitarianism: Class, Climate and New Economies, Matt Stannard

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