Ecovillage Life with Thomas

Part 1 Part 2 Mushroom hunter, tent dweller, food fermenter, odd jobber and eco-expounder, Thomas has been living at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for the past five years. In Life with Thomas, we get the chance to familiarize ourselves with one of the community's unique denizens. Thomas shares his personal story and how he came to desire a more ecological lifestyle, inspired by life experiences and global environmental issues. He also gives us a cooking lesson, goes mushroom hunting, reflects upon his wigwam, and pursues other exciting daily activities at his home in Dancing Rabbit. You can also find this video…read more >

DRTV #5 coming soon

The fifth installment in the Dancing Rabbit TV video blog is coming soon... very soon. Time has been somewhat limited lately, due to our annual retreat (read: meetings) filling up the majority of the past six days, plus a string of cloudy weather doesn't help when you rely on solar power to do your video editing! Nevertheless, the fifth video is coming soon. This one gets more personal with one of our members here. Check back soon!read more >

Where have all the rabbits gone?

So, you may have noticed a lack of new DRTV videos recently. Until now, it's been one a month, but currently, I am away from Dancing Rabbit, visiting family and friends. But never fear: you can expect to see new episodes of DRTV come January, when I will begin work on the latest episode. So stay tuned. In the meantime, there are five other DRTV videos out there, so now's your chance to catch up if you missed any. Be sure to share them with your friends and spread the word! And remember, if you are watching our Dancing Rabbit…read more >

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Celebrating 10 Years

On October 5-7, Dancing Rabbit celebrated its 10th anniversary and reunion, and rabbits present and past joined to commemorate and reminisce about the community. In this episode of DRTV, Tony and Cecil, two of the six original Dancing Rabbit co-founders reflect on the progress and growth of the ecovillage against the backdrop of the reunion celebrations and festivities.The land on which Dancing Rabbit is situated was originally purchased ten years ago, in October 1997, and since then it has come quite a ways since the days when the community was almost nothing more than a more >

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage ecospot

About a month or two ago, we set about creating a short video to enter in Current TV's so-called "Ecospot" contest. Although we didn't make the cut as a semi-finalist, we can at least share the fruits of our labor with you now. Just for some background info, the theme of the Ecospot contest was global warming, and contestants had up to 60 seconds to create a video centered around inspiring solutions to the climate crisis. Anyway, here's what we came up with. (As a little note, if you happen to watch our DRTV videos on Revver, you can help…read more >

Natural Building How-To: Earthen Plastering with Tamar

Part 1 Part 2 Lately, there's been a lot of building work going on around Dancing Rabbit, including everything from the continuing progress on Ironweed's cob/straw bale hybrid kitchen, to the frame construction of the Milkweed Mercantile, and to Dan's urbanite foundation construction for his soon-to-be straw bale house. So for this episode of Dancing Rabbit TV, we're taking the opportunity to provide a "how-to" natural building lesson, an in-depth video about earthen plastering techniques and application. Tamar guides us through every step of the way, showing how easy it is to make natural plaster from just a few simple…read more >

Eco-Cribs: Larkspur

In the second episode of DRTV, we take a look at Larkspur, home of Dancing Rabbit members Tony B. and Alyssa. In their tour, the duo includes information and tips about their natural house design and building process. Larkspur features local and sustainable building materials, including reclaimed lumber, light clay straw insulation, and earthen plaster, and its power is provided by renewable energy sources, including solar panels and a wind tower. You can also find this video on YouTube and Revver. Or, you can also download a high quality Quicktime version (52MB).read more >

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: an introduction to a sustainable community

Welcome to Dancing Rabbit TV (DRTV), the official video blog of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage! In this brand new video series, we hope to share ideas and information about what it means to live sustainably in an off-the-grid community. If you aren't already familiar with Dancing Rabbit, head to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage website for information about the community. In this introductory video, we take a look at how DR members are striving to lead more sustainable and lower impact lives through things like renewable energy, organic gardening, and natural building. You can also find this first episode for viewing on…read more >