RSVP – Dancing Rabbit’s 15th Anniversary and Reunion Ocober 5-7

If you have lived, worked, played or stayed at Dancing Rabbit before for any length of time, you are invited to our 15th Anniversary Land Day Celebration, October 5-7, 2012. Now is the time to RSVP at and let us know if you will be joining us. We’ll be celebrating 15 years of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage history with storytelling, music, dance, food, fun, and reconnection with Rabbits new and old. Join us as we enjoy potlucks, photos, dance parties, campfires, talent (or no-talent) shows, and much more, including burning the last two of our original mortgages! Please RSVP now…read more >

Chasing Dreams, Tomatoes, and Skirts – June 11, 2012

Part of our mission says that we want to grow to be the size of a small town, and which is usually spoken of as being 500-1000 people. (Our current population is approximately 70.) Population growth has been a hot topic off and on at DR. Folks discuss, how much, how fast, and in what ways we should grow. I think we all agree that if we grow too quickly we run the risk of losing our unique culture and possibly even experiencing the dreaded "mission drift." What we differ on is exactly how fast is too more >

Simply to Smell a Rose 5/22/12

Jordan here; coming at you live this week from Dancing Rabbit. I am always impressed by the ever-quickening progression of things 'round here. We haven't slowed down one bit this week; that’s for sure. Further "Crooked Route" construction took place, bent raising madness ensued once again, teams of ten at a time shuffled around large timbers that are being utilized to construct Ziggy and April's new abode. Just today our second visitor period began, and with it, one of the more mild and beautiful spring days I have seen here in Northeast Missouri. I volunteered on Sunday to greet the…read more >

Keeping livestock for a more sustainable food system

Dancing Rabbit recently took 19 acres of our land out of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a government program that pays us to maintain potential agricultural land as wildlife habitat.  Though this program has helped us pay the mortgage on our land, most of the land we could potentially use for ag projects has been under CRP contract and has not been available for use by members without the payment of a significant penalty.  The recent opening up of land has spurred interest in new agricultural projects and has begun a community process of forming new agricultural policies around how…read more >