Upward Mobility, 3/26/13

Howdy, gentle reader. Ben here, boots dripping from the morning's trudge through the coupla' three inches of wintry snow slush that has accumulated since the other night, heralding the arrival of spring. Yes spring is here, and though perhaps not in the air, it is most certainly on my mind, as I have (with the help of some friends) undertaken my first "spring cleaning" task of the season. No, I didn't shower, but I did clear, disassemble and reassemble our mobile home and transfer it to a new location, using only human power. When I say mobile home, what I…read more >

A Ponderous Shift, 3/20/2013

Hello again from Ted here at Dancing Rabbit, where spring is nigh but is only grudgingly letting us know it is coming. Aurelia and I returned from Taos, NM Tuesday after driving out with Sara to help her get established there for a midwifery internship. We were pleased to be able to land there in a group house that felt a lot like home, with a cooperative kitchen and shared facilities in an adobe building that were easy to drop into. That left us free to explore the surroundings a little, including finding and sitting in two different hot springs…read more >

Making Sustainability a Reality – Slideshow by Tony

Part of the mission of Dancing Rabbit is, "To have an influence on the global community by example, education, and research." To that end, members sometimes travel to give presentations to groups around the country who are interested in hearing and seeing what we're all about, and what we've learned. There's a lot to say! So much that we can't fit it all into a reasonably short presentation so we try to customize the choice of content to make the most impact for the audience in attendance. If you're looking for a movie to watch tonight, want to learn a…read more >