March 12, 2012

Hello peepers! This is Sam. Yesterday afternoon my wonderfully thoughtful housemate must have built a fire to welcome me home from the website-building work party (more on that later) and when I got there it was so hot I had to open the windows to get to sleep comfortably. It was a welcome treat to snuggle and read with my son and hear the spring frogs singing to us from Cattail Pond. This week’s forecast looks great for playing outside, walking barefoot, sitting on the porch swing, and shooing the kids outside so I can get some work done in my home office.

Bent Raising

Raising a bent for a new home. Many hands make light work.

Work parties are one of my favorite parts of community life. This past week we had a very short one to raise a bent for Sharon and Dennis’s timber-frame home-in-progress. It only takes a few minutes, provided the pulleys and other preparations are well made beforehand, and provided lots of people show up. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of a job done with our friends and neighbors that results in a visible, tangible accomplishment like a formerly horizontal bent now vertical, and a work site one big step closer to being a home. What better way is there to invest 15 minutes of my time?

We had another work party this week, this one more indoors, less visceral, and longer. We are getting close to the deadline for launch of our redesigned, largely rewritten, website. It’s been a long time coming, and I will be glad when it’s done. The Web Team has gotten help from community members to write, edit and proofread written content, submit and sort through pictures, and make suggestions about the look and layout of the site. At the work party, we got closer to being ready to launch with the help of the folks who showed up to pitch in and enjoy the company and music from afternoon into evening. We also ate snacks.

Alyson over at Red Earth Farms is going to pass her sourdough bread making knowledge (and starters) on to an apprentice so she can spend more time homesteading (and working on Dancing Rabbit’s capital campaign for the new common house). An apprentice has started training, so it looks like “Alyson bread” will become “Julie bread” or maybe “Julie’s Alyson bread”. It’s hard to say what we’ll call it, but I’m sure it will be delicious. There’s also another baker over at Red Earth. We got our first taste of “Chad bread” this week. Chad bakes in a wood-fired oven, and aims for a less expensive pan loaf for sandwiches. My son and I devoured half a loaf for breakfast. I hope Chad considers his trial run a success and keeps bringing us bread weekly; With deliveries every Wednesday and Sunday, we’ll be good in bread all week,. The economy in the tri-communities area keeps on growing and sustainability keeps becoming more accessible.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community of more than 50 people and growing. We practice ecologically sustainable living in Rutledge, Northeast Missouri. We offer free tours to the public from April-October. For more information, see our website at, visit our blog The March Hare at, find us on FaceBook at, follow us on Twitter at or give us a call at (660) 883-5511.

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