Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Making Sustainability a Reality

Our society is wrestling with questions of sustainability and climate change, with many groups working towards a sustainable future. At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage that sustainable future is here now.   If you want to see what sustainability looks like, come join us for a slideshow from the founder of one of the world’s foremost experiments in real world ecological living.

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Over the last 16 years Dancing Rabbit has built over 30 energy-efficient homes using reclaimed lumber and natural building methods such as strawbale and cob. By reducing electricity use to less than 10% of the American norm, the village is now a net exporter of renewable energy.  Four vehicles are shared among the 70+ residents, who drive only 7% of the US average.  Food production is integrated into the design of the pedestrian-scale village. Cooperation, a strong gift economy, and a vibrant alternative currency support the economic stability of the community. Natural ecosystems are preserved and restored on the community’s 280-acre land trust. Sustainability is not just a dream. We are doing it now.

Tony Sirna

Tony SirnaTony Sirna is a founder of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, a community demonstrating sustainable living in northeast Missouri, where 70+ residents have reduced their ecological impact on key metrics by over 90%. Dancing Rabbit got its start at Stanford University in 1993 and Tony has had a hand in almost all aspects of visioning, designing, and manifesting a sustainable village. He has built two strawbale homes, designed and installed Dancing Rabbit’s village-wide renewable-energy micro-grid, and has served on the village’s Land Use Planning committee for over a decade. Tony is also on the board of Dancing Rabbit’s nonprofit which does sustainability education and promotes Dancing Rabbit and sustainability through the media and online. He is currently working on the design team for a 9000 square-foot LEED Platinum community building which will be certified by the Living Building Challenge. Tony was on the board of the Fellowship for Intentional Community for over 15 years, and is an experienced facilitator and mediator.

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