What Can We Do to Make This Work for You?

     We’d love know what we can do to support your visit to Dancing Rabbit. Perhaps a week is too long for you to take off work, or maybe you just want to feel certain it will be worth it before committing. Whatever it is, please let us know what questions remain, or what you’d need in order to submit an application for our visitor program!


“…I want to thank ‘all of you all’ for the most remarkable time of my life so far.  I was awed, dazzled and worn out by the time I left.  My head was floating with so many new ideas.  I appreciate how you have a system to include visitors so efficiently with work, education, singing, swimming, dancing, potlucks, etc.  Each rabbit was gracious, welcoming, and fun.  That’s the kind of community I’d love to be a part of.”

— Becky Rickley, 2015 Visitor