Ironweed Work Exchange

Ted and Aurelia applying natural plaster.

Ted and Aurelia applying natural plaster.

We grow, use, and preserve a wide variety foods, and will spend lots of time on planting, growing, tending, harvesting, dehydrating, canning, fermenting (including yogurt, cheese, vegetables, beer and wine), freezing, cellaring and eating various foods, as well as participating in an active eating cooperative of 6-10 people.

The ideal apprentice for our work scene is flexible, resourceful, cooperative, curious, physically capable, able to work with a balance of work scenarios from cooperative group work to close one-on-one with Sara or Ted, to solo projects. Also prepared for a variety of work conditions- cold to hot, wet to dry, indoors and outdoors, not afraid to get dirty. Interest/experience in playing ultimate frisbee 2-3x/wk, zip lines, and/or treehouse building are also pluses.

Good communication skills are very valuable to us– asking questions when needed and moving the work forward by all means. Emotional wellness and interpersonal connection are important to us. We ask that folks living and working closely with us participate in weekly check-ins or personal sharing meetings and conflict resolution when warranted.

Background experience in our various work arenas is a definite plus, but we are happy to teach individual skills/tasks as well. Our setting is a 50+ person ecovillage, so other projects and expertise are available in the immediate vicinity and learning opportunities abound. We have hosted numerous interns, work exchangers, and apprentices over a decade+ here, and had nearly all very positive experiences all around. This is a great way to explore potential interest in moving to DR in addition to the various skills you’ll learn and practice.

We do not offer any stipend, but will provide room and board in the forms of a tent platform and participation in our vegetarian eating coop (vegan-, omnivorous-, and gluten-free-friendly). Wifi available on site, and we will cover access to basic common facilities (shower, laundry, hang-out space). 280-acres of rural land including swimming pond available for your exploration and enjoyment. Work expectations amount to 30-35 hours per week, plus rotational chores like a weekly cook shift for the coop, processing humanure, and helping clean the village common house.

In addition to filling out the application on the website, please also contact Ted at to express interest and arrange an interview. Season starts as early as April 1, and goes on through October (comfortable camping season).


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