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Hello Natural Building Enthusiasts!

Are you looking for more natural building opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set? Join us this summer for three amazing ways you can become the natural builder you have always aspired to be. With 2 intensive weekends or a summer long internship to choose from, where you get to be part of building a straw bale roundhouse from start to finish, there is something for everyone who desires to dive deep into the natural building world.

Natural Building Workshops:

July 4 – 7
September 12 – 15

Have you been dreaming of getting into the natural building world or expanding your knowledge? These two weekend workshops are tailored for any skill set, from beginners to beyond. Come learn the basics or refine your skills in a variety of techniques like straw bale stacking, natural and lime plaster work, and other artistic details and additions. Join us in our natural building paradise where you can sling mud while helping create an artful and soulful home.

Natural Building Internship:

June 1 – August 1

Do you crave a hands-on experience that includes everything from design and theory to completing a whole house? A first of its kind at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, this two month long internship will empower you with the ability to create your own straw bale structure with confidence. Come cultivate practical skills by helping to build a small roundhouse using natural building techniques and materials. You will also get to design your own dream project, plan out the steps of its construction, and get expert feedback and input on your ideas.

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