Natural Construction and Gardening Work Exchanger Wanted

Hello there. This summer, 2017, I am looking for some help with a construction project at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

This will be the third building I’ve built here at Dancing Rabbit, and is the biggest of the three. It is/will be, a 36′ diameter round house, with interior walls creating 2 bedrooms, a small but full kitchen, a sun room, a storage and utilities room, a composting toilet room, and a closet. It will feature straw bale exterior walls, a variety of material and techniques for interior walls, earthen interior plaster, lime exterior plaster, floors that are earthen with radiant heating, hardwood, and tile.

The work experience trade with me consists of 30hr/week of work.

This might look like 22–24 hrs of construction on the house, 3–4 hours of gardening, and 2–4 hrs on another site with other folks helping with their project (if they are doing something that you are interested in learning/helping with) In addition to that 30-ish hrs. you’ll have a cook shift that may take about 3 hrs a week.  In exchange for this work, you will get the learning and experience of working with me, a tent platform, 3 meals a day eating with a food coop where breakfast will be on our own cooked from the food provided, and lunch and dinner that are prepared by a coop member that will include you (as the cook) one day a week. You will also have all of your dancing rabbit related fees covered which include various coops that you may want to be a part of while here.

A little bit about me: I am 30 years old, identify as male, grew up in northern California, have lived at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for 4 years with my partner Danielle. I strive to “own my own experience” using I statements and trying to not assume others know what I am talking about. This is part of my work towards inner sustainability that I believe is a necessary part of a sustainable culture. I am also on the Village Council here at dancing rabbit, as well as Conflict Resolution team. I believe in direct and compassionate communication and encourage others around me to push their edge in that way.

Expectations of applicants include:
⁃    Some prior construction experience, and priority may be given for Natural Construction experience.
⁃    Commitment to inner self work (desire/willingness to look at ones own baggage/shit)
⁃    Open communicator. (actively gives input at appropriate times, seeks self feedback to learn self awareness/impact on others)
⁃    Has interest in gardening
⁃    Has interest in communal living.

More about Hassan and his work can be seen at

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