Support Sustainability and Maximize Your Donation
May 3rd – Give STL Day


Give Today For a Greener Future

Your donation will help promote sustainable living, by funding our inspiring online videos, educational workshops and tours, and helping send Rabbits out to speak and teach around the country.

How to maximize your gift today

If you want to guarantee that your gift is amplified by funds from the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, below are the best times to give.*  

6-6:20am CST
(4-4:20am PST, 5-5:20am MST, 7-7:20am EST)

10-10:20am CST
(8-8:20am PST, 9-9:20am MST, 11-11:20am EST)

12-12:20pm CST
(10-10:20am PST, 11-11:20am MST, 1-1:20pm EST)

6-6:20pm CST
(4-4:20pm PST, 5-5:20pm MST, 7-7:20pm EST)

11-11:20pm CST
(9-9:20pm PST, 10-10:20pm MST, 12-12:20 EST)